Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1
Poonam comes to Sumitra’s room. Sumitra pretends to be asleep. Poonam puts an icing pad on her foot. Rajnish comes there. He says is their printer. Poonam says it’s in the study room. Come with me. He says I can come with you all your life. She says don’t speak Bollywood lines. He goes with her. Poonma decorates the house. Rajnish helps her prepare he asks her questions while she does the decoration. Rajnish holds her from the waist. Raj looks at them in anger. Poonam removes his hand. He says whenever I am with you I don’t know where am I or what am I doing. Poonam says to focus on studies only. She sees Rja.

Raj comes to his room in anger. Poonam says talk to me Raj. he says what? poonam hugs him. Raj asks what happened. She says, Rajnish. It’s not what you think? he says I am not thinking anything. She says you are angry. He says I can have other reasons. You’re not studying. Focus on your exam. She says they are both important to me. Rajnish helped me study. He asks why he cares about your studies. you both have good tuning. Poonam says I smell something burning. Are you jealous? he says what nonsense. She says I can see it on your face. How cute. Raj says stop it. I am not that immature. These things only ruin relationships and you know how deep our relationship is. Be careful around that guy. Poonam says what did he do wrong? He says the gut never lies. She says you are jealous. He says I am not. He is an intern how dare he come to my house and help around for my sister’s function? Poonam says you can ask him to leave. Raj says that’s a great idea.

Raj says to Rajnnish you’re not our friend or family. We don’t need you here. Rajnish says what? raj says yes. We have a personal event here. Your studies will be impacted. Rajnish says what about Poonam’s studies. Ra says to focus on yourself only. Please go. Rajnish says I came here to study with Ppoonam. I will only leave if she asks me. Raj says don’t you dare. Rajnihs says you can’t talk to me like this. He says I do. You’re my employee and an intern in my hospital. He says so is Poonam and she’s my colleague. You can’t stop me from talking to my colleague. Raj says I can. Because from today she’s not your colleague. You’re fired. Nirvan says, Bro. Raj says I want him out right now.

Scene 2
At night, Poonam studies. Raj comes there, he asks you’re not ready? She says I am studying. You asked me to do that. Raj says but the engagement is gonna start soon. Don’t give me this attitude. Poonam says why? will you also fire me? He says Rajnihs deserved it. He was crossing his limit. Poonam says so did you Raj says you don’t know people. She asks why are you not ready? He says I am ready. She says what’s wrong with your fashion sense? Wear a colorful suit. He says you called me old now you want me to wear colors. She says you said we should do old things. He says I will think about it.

Scene 3
Netra asks Chiragh you’re not going for Geetu’s engagement? He says no. She says but she’s your cousin. They invited you. Chriagh says I don’t wanna go there. Netra trips on something. She says sorry. She falls again. Chiragh holds her. he says I will go in these clothes.

Sumita comes to Poonam. Poonam asks how is your sprain now? She says better. Gururaj welcomes Tony. Kohu comes there. she doesn’t talk to Raj. She stands with Sumitra. Netra comes with Chiragh holding hands. Raj says thank you for coming. He hugs Chiragh. Guruaj hugs him as well. He says I am glad to see you. Bonita says you didn’t change the clothes. He says if my clothes are the problem I will go back. nirvan says your presence matters only. Gururaj says it’s your sister’s engagement. Come in.

Rajnish calls Poonam crying. He says I want to meet you one last time. She asks are you going somewhere? He falls on the steering. poonam asks are you okay? She rushes out. Poonam sees his car. Rajnish is fitted on the steering. Poonam takes it out. Everyoen comes there. Poonam asks what happened. He’s slit his wrist. Poonam says what did you do. She panics. He says I was fired, I was insulted. I can’t stay here. If I don’t stay here how will I meet you? I can’t live if I can’t meet you. Everyone is shocked. He says I love you. Poonam is shocked. Raj is angry.

Sumitra told Rajnish you shouldn’t have crossed your limit. She cut his hand. He screams. He said what did you do? Rajnish facts. Does Poonam scream Rajnish? Nirvan adn Raj rush Ranjnish to the hospital. Guruaj says I am very worried. Raj comes home. Guruaj asks how is he. Poonam asks if is he okay. did anything happen to him? Raj says he will recover soon, he’s fine. Bonita says he didn’t have to do it. Sumitra says why would he do it? It’s been a few days since he met Poonam. People do it for old love. Why did he do it Poonam? poonam says I don’t get it either. We were just studying together for a week. There was nothing I don’t why he did it. I only panicked seeing his condition. Why did he take this step. Bonita says now everyone will talk about us. Sumitra says people will talk anyway. This is a small town, girls stay within limits here. Poonam says but people are educated here? Why is it always a girl’s fault? Bonita says there can’t be fire without a spark. A guy only goes ahead if the girl encourages him. You must have said stuff that made him fall for you. Poonam says I only talked to him about studies. I know I felt weird about a few things but I always ignored him. I didn’t even know him. Sumitra says still he tried to give his life for you? Raj says I always asked you to stay careful. Poonam says really?

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