Prachand Ashok 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update

Prachand Ashok 21st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Prachand Ashok Doriyaan 21 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1:

Ashok approaches Chanakya, conveying that Devi’s father has sent wealth intended for bribing ministers to favor Ashok over Sushim. However, Ashok expresses his desire to ascend to the throne based on his own merit, without relying on Devi’s riches. He shares his plan with Chanakya.

Meanwhile, Kaurwaki confronts Sushim, praising his character but accusing Ashok of resorting to deceitful and unlawful means. She reveals Ashok’s scheme of using Devi’s wealth to sway the ministers’ allegiance.

Elsewhere, Dayana questions Helena about Devi’s betrayal in supporting Ashok with her wealth. Helena, understanding Devi’s infatuation with Ashok, expresses her intention to have Devi on their side. Sushim interrupts, asserting that Devi’s support is unnecessary. He presents letters to Helena, detailing promises to the ministers in exchange for their support, confident in his ability to secure the throne without Devi’s wealth.

Concurrently, Kaurwaki confronts Devi, accusing Ashok of manipulating her into using her wealth to bribe the ministers. Devi rebuffs Kaurwaki’s interference, asserting her autonomy and condemning her for overstepping boundaries. Kaurwaki defends her actions, motivated by her belief in doing what is right. She urges Devi to reconsider supporting Ashok’s dishonest tactics, advocating for a victory based on genuine merit.

Scene 2:

As the ministers convene for the voting process, Subhandhu announces the choice between Sushim and Ashok for the next king. Concern arises over Ashok’s absence, with Subhandhu suggesting disqualification if he fails to arrive promptly. Kaurwaki expresses gratitude to Devi for preventing Ashok’s humiliation, unaware of Ashok’s true intentions. Devi dismisses Kaurwaki’s naivety, confident in Ashok’s resolve to claim his rightful position.

Just in time, Ashok arrives, exuding confidence and humorously addressing his delay. The voting commences, with Kaurwaki suspicious of Ashok’s plans. Devi, however, refuses to divulge any information, wary of potential sabotage. Despite doubts, Ashok garners most of the ministers’ votes, securing his victory. Helena and Dayana are incredulous at the outcome.

Subhandhu declares Ashok as the new king, prompting Dharma to offer congratulations. Devi reveals to Kaurwaki the intricacies of their plan, emphasizing Ashok’s intelligence and integrity. Sushim disputes the result, alleging cheating. However, the ministers dismiss his claims, citing his own promises of property restitution in exchange for votes. Helena quells the dissent, announcing a celebration in honor of Ashok’s ascension.

Devi enlightens Kaurwaki about their manipulation of events, leaving her bewildered by Ashok’s cunning strategy.

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