Prachand Ashok 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Prachand Ashok 18th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Prachand Ashok Doriyaan 18 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Devi is preparing herself when Kaurwaki arrives with a dress she made for her. Kaurwaki suggests that Devi could claim the dress as her own. Devi questions if Kaurwaki will not participate in the competition the next day. Kaurwaki assures her, affirming her loyalty as a friend. Vimla overhears this conversation and realizes it could disrupt Helena’s plan. She decides to inform Helena promptly.

Meanwhile, Pawan playfully teases Ashok about his apparent change of heart towards Kaurwaki. Ashok brushes it off, but then stops Kaurwaki as she passes by, asking if she will join him for Holi the following day. Kaurwaki firmly reminds him of their enmity, but Ashok persists, claiming they are in a relationship. However, when Devi appears, Kaurwaki distances herself from Ashok, insisting that he stay away. Ashok then expresses to Devi his anticipation for playing Holi with his wives the next day before leaving. Kaurwaki reassures Devi of her lack of interest in Ashok, stating that she knows Ashok’s affections lie solely with Devi.

Vimla informs Helena of Kaurwaki’s decision to support Devi in the upcoming competition instead of participating herself, causing Helena to worry about the implications for their plans. Vimla reflects on Bindusar’s observation of Kaurwaki’s self-respect and her ability to turn Devi’s anger into friendship, acknowledging the threat it poses to their scheme. Helena realizes that if Kaurwaki and Devi unite, Ashok could potentially gain more power in the palace, prompting her to devise a plan to sow discord between them.

Elsewhere, Kaurwaki’s brother, Udit Arya, is playing with his friends when he is lured by a veiled woman who leads him to a snake pit, seeking revenge for Kaurwaki’s pursuit of Ashok. Arya finds himself in peril, calling out for Kaurwaki’s help.

Upon learning of her brother’s predicament, Kaurwaki rushes to the snake pit and witnesses Ashok valiantly fighting off the snakes to protect Arya. She offers her assistance, and together they rescue Arya from the pit. As Ashok struggles to climb out, Kaurwaki uses her dupatta to pull him to safety. Grateful for saving her brother, Kaurwaki thanks Ashok, who acknowledges it as repayment for her previous act of kindness towards his father. Despite their tense history, Kaurwaki acknowledges Ashok’s bravery.

Meanwhile, Devi overhears servants praising Ashok and Kaurwaki for their heroics, which angers her. She confronts Kaurwaki, who explains the situation with Arya and Ashok’s intervention. However, Arya reveals to Kaurwaki that Devi was behind his fall into the snake pit, providing evidence in the form of a torn piece of Devi’s dupatta.

Confronting Devi, Kaurwaki discovers a torn dupatta matching the one used to harm Arya. Devi assures her that Arya is safe and suggests they proceed to the competition. Despite her suspicions, Kaurwaki agrees and accompanies Devi. Unbeknownst to them, Helena and her cohorts scheme to exploit the growing rift between Kaurwaki and Devi.

Later, Ashok tends to Kaurwaki’s father, expressing gratitude to Chanakya for his assistance. As Kaurwaki’s father begins to recover, Ashok subtly hints at his desire for Kaurwaki to return to Kaling with him. Chanakya, however, recognizes Ashok’s true feelings for Kaurwaki and predicts their partnership will shape future events, unbeknownst to others.

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