Prachand Ashok 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Prachand Ashok 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Prachand Ashok Doriyaan 15 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Kaurwaki tells Ashok that if his soldiers hurt her father, she won’t forgive them. Then, Chanakya arrives, surprising her. Ashok informs her that her father is recovering well, thanks to Chanakya’s care and medicine. Chanakya explains that her father needs to stay in Magadh for safety, and she needs to stay calm and work for her state’s benefit. Ashok adds that they saved her father because people in Kaling were angry with them for saving Bindusar. Kaurwaki must stay in Magadh until she can calm her people and win their trust back, keeping the reason secret. Later, Ashok tells Chanakya that Kaurwaki believes she must stay to protect her father. Chanakya says there’s a bigger plan at work, but he can’t reveal it. He believes Kaurwaki will help Ashok become a great king.

Meanwhile, a servant informs Devi that Kaurwaki decided to stay in Magadh. Devi confronts Ashok, questioning why he stopped Kaurwaki from leaving as promised. Ashok explains that fate brought her back, not him. Devi expresses concern about Ashok’s feelings for Kaurwaki, but Ashok reassures her, stating that Kaurwaki’s presence helps him focus on his mission. Devi realizes she can’t change Ashok’s mind and pretends to support Kaurwaki. Helena approaches Devi, offering help to defeat Kaurwaki, and Devi agrees, determined to send Kaurwaki away.

Scene 2

Helena announces Dharma’s return to the palace with honor, accompanied by her children. Dharma is welcomed warmly, and Ashok feels pleased. Bindusar crowns Dharma, and there’s a celebration planned for the next day, including a dressmaking competition between Devi and Kaurwaki. Devi struggles to make her dress and criticizes Kaurwaki, who offers to help her despite their differences. Sushim questions Bindusar’s decision to allow Ashok in the palace, but Dayana assures him that Helena will handle things.

Kaurwaki tells Devi that she doesn’t want to impress Ashok and won’t participate in the competition. Instead, she helps Devi make her dress, hoping she’ll win. Devi remains suspicious but accepts Kaurwaki’s help. She plans to use her victory to get Kaurwaki thrown out of the palace.

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