Prachand Ashok 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Prachand Ashok 12th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Prachand Ashok Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Dharma wonders why Ashok isn’t waking up. Anandi suggests he might have fainted due to the fire fumes. Ashok wakes up and is shocked to see the fire. He accuses someone of burning down their house. Dharma urges him to be grateful that they are safe, thanks to Lakshmi’s help. Anandi corrects him, saying it was actually Kaurwaki who saved him.

Ashok questions why she, who seemingly hates him, would save him. Kaurwaki clarifies that it was not her, but Devi who saved him, fulfilling her duties as his wife. Devi smirks, remembering their previous conversation where Kaurwaki suggested Devi take credit for saving Ashok’s life. Ashok acknowledges Devi’s actions and expresses his gratitude, admitting that although their marriage was a deal, she has now won his heart. He then learns that Kaurwaki had mixed sleeping pills in his milk, leaving him shocked.

Meanwhile, a snake charmer and his group sneak into Bindusar’s palace with a snake. They hypnotize Bindusar, and he silently follows them.

Helena observes Ashok’s burning house from the balcony, satisfied that Devi followed her instructions. She anticipates gaining more power over Devi soon.

Kaurwaki admits to Ashok that she put sleeping pills in his milk. Devi reveals that she got burned while saving Ashok. Angered by Kaurwaki’s actions, Ashok promises to deal with her later and takes Devi to see a doctor.

Later, Helena discovers that Bindusar is missing from the palace, leaving her shocked.

At the doctor’s, Ashok applies ointment to Devi’s burns and assures her that she can ask for anything in return for saving him. Devi asks Ashok to send Kaurwaki away from Magadh. Ashok refuses, claiming he hates Kaurwaki and married her only for his mission. Devi argues that his attachment to Kaurwaki is distracting him from his goals. She urges him to fulfill his promise to her and let Kaurwaki go, suggesting that his feelings for her run deeper than hate.

Udit advises Kaurwaki to apologize to Ashok, but she refuses, convinced that Ashok is blinded by his feelings. When Ashok returns with Devi, he instructs Kaurwaki to leave Magadh and return to Kaling. Devi claims she requested Kaurwaki’s freedom as her friend. Kaurwaki hugs Devi, touched by her gesture, and leaves with Udit, while Ashok glares at her.

In the morning, as Kaurwaki prepares to depart, Dharma expresses her sadness at being disregarded in her relationships. Ashok accuses Kaurwaki of hurting his mother by leaving, while Kaurwaki insists she must go, claiming to hate Ashok. She then departs with Udit, leaving Ashok resentful.

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