Pashminna 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 19th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pashminna 19 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The scene opens with an elderly man informing Raghav about Paras’s arrival. Pashminna queries about Paras’s sudden appearance, to which the old man admits he is unaware of Paras’s origin. Pashminna apologizes and explains that she must restrain the old man to avoid arousing Paras’s suspicion that he aided them. Agreeing reluctantly, the old man allows himself to be tied up. Pashminna inquires about the wheelchair, and the old man reveals its location outside. Raghav insists on walking, expressing his inability to protect Pashminna effectively. He urges her to seek refuge on the houseboat, where she’ll be safer. Pashminna suggests complying with Raghav’s wishes, prompting him to caution her against becoming a sacrificial lamb. Despite his doubts about his ability to safeguard her, Raghav instructs Pashminna to go to the houseboat, where Preeti will meet her. Recalling their past endeavors, Raghav suggests heading to the houseboat.

Meanwhile, Preeti expresses her desire to return to the houseboat. Avinash, concerned about the risk, reminds her of Paras’s presence there. Preeti suspects Pashminna marked her with neem paste, a signal indicating their location.

Upon reaching the houseboat, Raghav and Pashminna share light-hearted moments, laughing together. Pashminna mentions it’s Navratri, reminiscing about their past affection. Raghav, still harboring feelings for her, notices the turmeric bowl, signifying her haldi ceremony. As Pashminna tries to apply turmeric to his wounds, Raghav stops her, insisting it’s not meant for him. Recalling their shared moments, Raghav applies turmeric to her hand, evoking memories of their past declarations of love.

Meanwhile, Avinash and the others express concerns about venturing out at night. Avinash decides to book a hotel room for Preeti, but she insists on leaving immediately. Avinash agrees to accompany her, promising to retrieve his licensed gun for their protection. Once inside, he locks Preeti in the room, claiming it’s for her safety. Feeling betrayed, Preeti pleads with Avinash, who reassures her of his commitment to bring Pashminna back safely.

Later, Raghav and Pashminna retire to separate beds on the houseboat, waiting for Preeti’s arrival. In the middle of the night, Pashminna receives a call and negotiates with Paras, offering herself in exchange for Raghav’s safety. Paras hesitates, fearing Raghav’s retribution, while Pashminna remains resolute in her determination to protect her future husband.

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