Pashminna 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 18th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pashminna 18 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode commences with Pashminna and Raghav catching sight of their mothers on TV, urging people to help find their missing children. Moved by the sight, Pashminna points out to Raghav how their mothers have come together, putting aside their differences for them. Raghav remarks on the unexpected usefulness of his injury. However, their attention quickly shifts as they hear Rishi’s announcement offering a reward of 10 lakhs rupees to anyone with information. This news triggers greed in the person hosting them in his farmhouse.

Meanwhile, Avinash confronts Kailash, warning him that he’ll ensure Paras faces the gallows if anything happens to his daughter or Raghav. Kailash callously dismisses the threat, showing little concern for Avinash’s children. Avinash, undeterred, vows to hold Kailash and his son accountable, declaring he won’t relent in seeking justice for his attacked children.

Feeling the pressure of being pursued by both thugs and the police, Pashminna persuades their host to take her jewelry and keep their whereabouts secret. In a moment of desperation, she believes only her father can rescue them. Avinash tries to reassure Preeti, expressing hope for a positive outcome. Moina reflects on her wishes for Raghav to understand true love, regretting her past actions that led to their separation.

As tension escalates, Rishi updates Preeti on the reward announcement and his efforts to gather information. Meanwhile, the elderly host, now fearing the consequences, alerts the police to their presence. Paras, driven by revenge, storms into the farmhouse, only to find it empty except for the tied-up old man. The police, accompanied by Avinash and Preeti, arrive on the scene, questioning Paras’s motives and his claim of being a Kashmiri servant.

Elsewhere, Reeva discusses the idea of reconciling Avinash and Preeti, even suggesting marriage as a solution. Rishi entertains the notion but reassures Reeva that her own marriage will be prioritized first. Reeva adamantly refuses the idea of marrying Sunil, expressing admiration for Pashminna’s luck in having Rishi. Meanwhile, Preeti discovers a clue left by Pashminna, symbolized by a Shikara drawn on the floor with Neem leaves, prompting her to ponder its significance.

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