Pashminna 16th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 16th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pashminna 16 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The story begins with Preeti explaining that they didn’t know Raghav’s true identity until later. Then Rishi’s grandmother says that Raghav ran away with Pashminna, or perhaps Pashminna ran away with Raghav. Umashankar insists that the letter they found wasn’t written by Pashminna because her character is good and the handwriting doesn’t match. He suggests that an outsider wrote it, as they often cause trouble. However, Preeti interrupts, stating that Raghav isn’t a stranger; he’s Kashmiri and a kind person. She defends Raghav, saying he always helped them, even at his own expense.

Baby notices Preeti’s sudden change of heart. Preeti clarifies that she was upset with Raghav but never hated him. She believes neither Raghav nor Pashminna would do something like this and asks Moina to verify the handwriting. After checking, Moina confirms it’s not Raghav’s handwriting. Avinash suggests that whoever wrote the letter wants to create suspicion around Raghav and Pashminna. Minty points out that Pashminna is missing, leading Baby to wonder if she left willingly, angering Umashankar. Moina defends Pashminna, saying she wouldn’t do such a thing without reason, and urges everyone to help find them.

They decide to file a police complaint and go to the police station. Avinash suggests the accident might be connected to this. The inspector offers to involve the media, which they agree to. Preeti informs the reporters that their children didn’t elope but disappeared under unknown circumstances. They ask for help from Kashmir, and Rishi offers a reward for any information. Meanwhile, Paras is furious and plans to intercept the family before they find their children.

Preeti worries about Pashminna, but Moina believes she left to allow Raghav to be with his family and move on. Rishi expresses concern for their safety.

Kaju confides in Rishi that she suspects Paras is behind everything, recalling previous incidents with him. Rishi realizes Paras poses a serious threat to Raghav and Pashminna.

Raghav reveals to Pashminna that Paras tried to kill him and mentions his motives. Pashminna recalls Paras attempting to poison Raghav in the hospital. They’re shocked by the news report and realize Paras’s malicious intentions. They find solace in the fact that their mothers are together and determined to help them.

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