Pashminna 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pashminna 15 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

**The Episode Begins:**
Pashminna persuades Raghav to temporarily remove his bandage, reasoning that they only have her photo, not his. Raghav suggests involving the police, but Pashminna expresses distrust, citing the presence of Kailash’s men in the hospital. Upon disembarking from the truck, Pashminna offers her bangle to the truck driver as gratitude. The cab driver then takes them to a cottage owned by his friend. Pashminna insists he take another bangle as thanks, which he reluctantly accepts. They enter the cottage and are greeted by an old man. Inside, Rishi reads a letter purportedly written by Raghav, explaining their situation: they didn’t go to Canada due to an accident, Pashminna arranged for Raghav’s treatment, and they are now leaving. Moina and Aisha assert that Raghav is in Canada, perplexing everyone. They discover a leaf with the drawing of Kaul Cottage, which Preeti recalls was with Raghav. Rishi feels betrayed and enraged, throwing objects in anger. Reeva interrupts, expressing concern for Rishi’s behavior. Rishi vents his frustration, feeling betrayed by Raghav and Pashminna’s actions. Reeva defends Raghav, claiming his love for Pashminna is genuine. Rishi remains resentful, blaming Pashminna for their betrayal. Reeva, however, believes Pashminna’s intentions are noble, aiming to save Raghav’s life. Pashminna asks the old man for leaves to treat Raghav’s injuries, while Dadi inquires about their whereabouts.

**Further Developments:**
Preeti asserts that the letter wasn’t written by Pashminna, prompting Baby to inform Minty and Dadi and urging them to visit the hospital. Minty expresses surprise at not being informed earlier. Rishi’s Dadi expresses disappointment that Raghav’s identity wasn’t disclosed sooner, realizing Pashminna eloped with him. She shares a deep connection with Raghav, feeling their bond spans across eras. Rishi’s Dadi urges them to return, emphasizing the significance of their relationship.

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