Pashminna 14th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 14th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pashminna 14 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The story begins with a doctor asking Preeti for a photo of her daughter. Rishi admits he doesn’t know what happened to Pashminna. Kailash orders his men to search the hospital for Raghav and Pashminna and send their photos. Rishi also sends a photo to the inspector, mentioning that the patient is with Pashminna. Preeti becomes worried, wondering where they went. Reeva asks Preeti about Pashminna, having heard she’s missing.

Pashminna, dressed as a nurse, tries to take Raghav out in a wheelchair. Despite the inspector’s calls, she continues, prompting him to declare her escape. Kailash recalls his men and informs Paras that Pashminna left with Raghav. Paras confirms they’re together. Meanwhile, Pashminna remains in the hospital, taking Raghav to a general ward. When police officers question her actions, she claims to be distributing blankets to patients.

Fake doctors, actually goons, enter the hospital. Pashminna overhears Birju mentioning their presence and misleads them, stating they’re locked upstairs. She then leaves the hospital. Reeva and Avinash inquire about Pashminna, and Preeti struggles with how to reveal that the patient was Raghav.

In a taxi with Raghav, Pashminna reassures the driver they’ve done nothing wrong. Raghav asks how she found him. When the car is stopped for police checks, Pashminna worries, but the driver assures them they’ll be fine after five cars.

Meanwhile, Rishi, Avinash, and others are anxious. Moina comforts Preeti, promising they’ll find their kids. Police approach the taxi, but the driver explains Raghav is his nephew, and they find nothing suspicious, letting them go. Pashminna and Raghav hide as the police check a truck they’re in.

Rishi discovers a letter and shows it to Preeti, who reads it with shock.

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