Pashminna 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pashminna 12th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pashminna Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Kailash informing Paras that his man Birju is keeping an eye on Raghav. He mentions that Raghav has been taken for an operation and implies that Birju should kill him. Meanwhile, Rishi remembers talking to Raghav and offers him a drink to celebrate exposing Paras and his father. However, Raghav refuses to drink. Rishi shares his jealousy about Paras and Raghav with him. Raghav confesses that he feels he’s not right for Pashminna, but Rishi might be a better match. Rishi recalls Pashminna’s words and suggests that Raghav marry her. He then punches Raghav at Pashminna’s request.

Later, Rishi sends a voice message to Raghav, asking him to come because Pashminna is in pain. Moina reflects on her behavior towards Pashminna, realizing she was rude and egoistic. She sees Pashminna praying and remembers Avinash’s advice. Avinash tells Rishi that he’ll handle everything and asks about Pashminna’s whereabouts. Moina approaches Pashminna and asks if she’s praying for Raghav, to which Pashminna responds that Raghav will call after reaching his destination.

Paras tries to unlock Raghav’s phone, guessing the password might be Pashminna’s birthday. Kailash praises Paras for his idea, comparing him to Durrani. They send a message to Moina from Raghav’s phone, saying he wants to be alone for a while. Moina thanks Pashminna, believing Raghav’s message is the result of her prayers. She hugs Pashminna, expressing her positive thoughts about her family. Dadi asks if Raghav has called, and Moina informs her and Reeva. Paras and Kailash are relieved that Moina sent the reply to Raghav. Pashminna wonders why her heart feels like Raghav is nearby, even though he’s supposed to be in Canada.

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