Parineeti 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Sanju yells at Neeti for breaking Pari’s mangalsutra. Pami slaps him and shouts how dare you break Pari’s mangalsutra? Do you even know the meaning behind it? Neeti says I didn’t do it on purpose, I tried to help Sanju as his bracelet got stuck in mangalsutra. Sanju says I didn’t ask you for help, it’s all your fault. Niti says you think I did this on purpose? Pami says you don’t know the meaning behind it. Bebe says you guys are acting like she hit someone. Sanju says mangalsutra is proof of our love and marriage, he shouldn’t have done this. Pami shouts at Neeti saying that she tried to break Pari and Sanju’s relationship. Neeti says did I break it? Sanju says no, no one can break my relationship with Pari, we are united for life. Niti says I am sorry, I didn’t know the significance of Mangalsutra. I was just helping Sanju. Pami says you could have pulled her bangle but you broke her mangalsutra. Niti says I didn’t think about it. Sanju says no one believes you here, I am warning you to stay away from Pari, if you do one more mistake I will not leave you and just to remind you, no. Can’t separate me from the fairy. Chacha says he must have made a mistake. Sanju tells Pami not to worry, I will always be with Pari. She says I know, Pami says I know, I am only worried for you two. Sanju says don’t worry. The doctor comes to the family and says that Pari is out of danger now, they are all happy to hear that.

Scene 2

Niti sadly walks away from the hospital. Rakesh is there and sees her, he says what is Neeti doing there? Neeti goes into a corner and remembers Sanju telling her that she can’t break her relationship with Pari. She says enough, I have to get Sanju at any cost. I will kill the fairy which Rakesh couldn’t do here. Rakesh comes there and says you were talking about me? Niti leaves angrily.

Bebe asks Pami to apologize to Neeti, she says I won’t.

Rakesh tries to talk to Neeti, she says leave me alone. He says my mother is here that’s why I came here. Niti says you should have married Pari but you are a loser. Rakesh says I don’t care now. Neeti says Pari is going to be a mother soon, will you accept her? Rakesh says I don’t want Pari, I don’t care if she has Sanju’s child. Niti says she is going to die tonight, tell me if you want to help me or not, she leaves.

Amit comes to Gurwinder’s ward room, the doctor tells him that he is not well.

Sanju sits next to unconscious Paadi, he says you will be fine soon.

Rakesh tells Neeti that she had to go through a lot for Pari, I want to take revenge from her. I want him dead now. Niti says so come and help me. He says don’t catch or you and me will be sent to jail.

The hospital lights are on. Pami calls Sanju and asks him to stay with Pari at any cost. He says don’t worry I am with him.

Rakesh asks his goon to switch off the hospital lights so they can kill Pari. Niti smiles.

Rex comes to Pari’s room and Sanju is shocked to see him there.

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