Parineeti 20th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 20th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti Doriyaan 20 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Mr. Mehra instructs Sanju to start working at the office the following day and suggests they all indulge in some drinks tonight.

Shelly expresses gratitude to Sharda for not probing about Neeti anymore, stating that she’s fine with it now. She even admits to liking Neeti. Shelly ponders whether Bebe might have helped ease her concerns about Neeti.

In a conversation with Amit and Tayaji, Shelly asserts that Sanju is the epitome of a happily married man and believes she will have similar fortune.

Chandrika inquires with Neeti and Pari about the intensity of their mehndi colors. Neeti replies that hers didn’t leave much of a mark, while Pari proudly displays Sanju’s name on her hand, indicating that hers did. Chandrika playfully teases Pari, suggesting that the intensity of the mehndi color signifies love. Pari blushes and departs.

Later, Pari retreats to her room, but Sanju follows her, insisting on a conversation. Despite Pari’s attempts to evade him, Sanju presses on, emphasizing their marital bond and demanding an explanation for the dark mehndi color. Pari initially brushes it off, but Sanju’s persistence leads her to admit that it’s a result of love. Despite this, she refuses to elaborate further, causing a rift between them.

At the gathering, Sanju noticeably ignores Pari, prompting Neeti to inquire about the situation. Pari confides in Neeti, explaining that Sanju is upset because she couldn’t answer his question about the mehndi color. Pari admits that the color signifies love but is reluctant to tell Sanju. Frustrated, Sanju walks away, and Pari follows suit.

Pari pleads with Sanju not to be upset, assuring him that he knows everything. However, Sanju insists on hearing her say it. As they converse, Neeti observes from a distance, growing increasingly resentful. Eventually, Pari confesses that the dark mehndi color symbolizes pure love. Sanju, somewhat amused by her reluctance, questions the authenticity of their love. Before Pari can respond, Neeti interrupts, suggesting they dance together. Sanju declines, asserting his intention to dance only with Pari, much to Neeti’s displeasure.

Sanju and Pari share a romantic dance, but their moment is interrupted by Neeti, who forcibly inserts herself into the dance. As Neeti becomes overly affectionate towards Sanju, Shelly and Pami observe uncomfortably. Shelly, convinced that there’s more to Neeti and Sanju’s relationship, becomes frustrated, realizing she can’t confront them without risking the wedding being called off.

While the family engages in games, Shelly retreats to a corner to drown her frustrations in alcohol. Her father notices her distress and inquires about her well-being. Shelly brushes it off, expressing a need for some time alone. Pari approaches Shelly, who confides in her about her suspicions regarding Neeti’s feelings for Sanju, leaving Pari shocked and unsettled.

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