Parineeti 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Pari is climbing the rope from the well but it suddenly breaks and she falls further down. Sanju screams and jumps before anyone can stop him, Neeti screams for him. Sanju pulls Pari but she is unconscious. Amita consoles Chandrika when she cries. Sanju asks Pari to wake up, she gets up and hugs him. Pami cries for them. Chacha brings the swimmer but he says the girl is unconscious, we can’t lift her but can nurse Sanju, he says I won’t leave her here. He finds a ladder and tells them that he will use this ladder to pull Pari up, he finds a ladder and brings Pari up. Sanju cries and asks her to open her eyes. Pari tries but faints, family takes her to hospital.

Sanju and the family bring Pari to the hospital. Niti shouts at the receptionist to call the doctor. The doctor takes Pree to the OT. All the family members are worried. Sanju requests the doctor to save him. Neeti cries and says I can’t see Pari like this. Chachi consoles him and says that he is my everything. Bebe comes there and says that this family teased her a lot but she loves him a lot. Chachi goes to fetch water for him. Niti tells Baby that she had to act carefully so that no one will suspect her. I would make them feel bad for me.

Sanju cries and says she shouldn’t have let Pari go alone for pooja, it’s all my fault. Neeti and Baby come there. They see them crying, Neeti thinks Pari is gone. The doctor comes there and says Pari has brain trauma and she might not be fine. Neeti shouts at him and asks him to save Pari. Chachi thanks Lord, Baby says Neeti will die in this stress. Chachi says I am thanking Lord for Pari’s life. Pami pleads with the doctor but he says there is nothing we can do. Sanju argues with her and drags her to Pari, who asks her to do something. He asks Pari to wake up, he says I am here, please wake up. Doctor says she needs a bigger hospital, we can’t do much here. Pami calls another hospital and says my friend works there so lets take Pari there. Sanju says it will be dangerous for him. Neeti says we have to take this risk, doctor arranges her ambulance.

Sanju and Neeti are in the ambulance with Pari. Sanju begs her and asks her to get up. Pari waves her hand, Sanju asks her to wake up and she does. He says you will be fine, Pari faints again. Sanju cries. Niti thinks she may cry today but from tomorrow she will be mine.

Pari is brought to a big hospital. Pari gets up and tells Sanju don’t cry, he says I love you a lot, just be fine. Fairy faints again, doctor comes there. Sanju’s bracelet gets caught in Pari’s mangalsutra, so Neeti pulls it and it breaks. Everyone is surprised to see this.

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