Parineeti 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 19th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti Doriyaan 19 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Sanju kneels in front of Neeti, asking her to dance with him. Neeti, in jest, questions Pari if she’ll be envious. Pari reassures Neeti, but when Neeti attempts to take Sanju’s hand, he evades her and holds Pari’s hand instead. Leading Pari to the dance floor, he begins a romantic dance with her, much to Neeti’s chagrin. The onlookers applaud the couple.

Later, in her room, Neeti glares at Gurvindar’s photo, blaming him for her predicament. She accuses Gurvindar of orchestrating Sanju’s marriage to Pari for financial gain and then betraying her trust by siding with Pari. As Neeti throws Gurvindar’s photo on the floor, Sanju enters and witnesses the scene. Neeti hastily claims it was an accident, and Sanju picks up the fallen photo. Pami interrupts, seizing Neeti’s hand, and insists they go for the mehndi ceremony, dragging her away.

Meanwhile, Sharda confronts Pari, expressing suspicions about undisclosed aspects of Neeti’s past and her temperamental issues. Before Pari can respond, Sharda is called away by Shelly.

Sharda confides in Shelly, lamenting not being able to speak with Pari. Shelly admonishes Sharda for questioning Neeti in Pari’s presence, urging her to prioritize her son’s happiness and to desist from doubting Neeti. Shelly fears that if Pari becomes suspicious, she might investigate his past, jeopardizing his ulterior motives. Sharda reluctantly agrees and departs.

Scene 2

At the mehndi ceremony, Sanju playfully teases Pari about her jealousy. Pari seats Neeti and Shelly together, fostering a bond between them. Sanju selects a mehndi design for Pari, while Bebe suggests applying shagun mehndi to Neeti, symbolizing her bond with Shelly. As Neeti complies, she rationalizes that both Sanju’s and Shelly’s names start with ‘S,’ calming her nerves.

Pami proposes a game where husbands inscribe their full names on their wives’ hands. Sanju writes his name on Pari’s hand, but when Shelly attempts to do the same to Neeti, she accidentally falls onto Pari, prompting apologies and tears from Neeti. Despite Pami’s scolding, Sharda defends Neeti, easing the tension. Pari appreciates Sharda’s support, while Neeti feels remorseful, suspecting Pami’s true intentions.

Observing Sharda’s concern, Bebe reassures her, emphasizing Neeti’s positive influence. Grateful, Sharda expresses her gratitude.

In her room, Pari is joined by Sanju, who playfully questions her about her blush, pulling her closer.

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