Parineeti 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti Doriyaan 15 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Neeti confronts Pari, accusing her of casting some sort of spell on Gurvindar, who referred to Pari as her daughter-in-law. Shocked by Neeti’s sudden hostility, Pari watches as Neeti pretends to faint. Worried, Pari rushes to her side, but Neeti quickly recovers and pretends not to recall anything. Sanju arrives, and Pari, still shaken, explains Neeti’s strange behavior. Neeti, relieved that her ruse worked, privately celebrates fooling Pari once again. Meanwhile, Shelly’s mother becomes suspicious of Neeti’s actions.

As Pari confides in Sanju about Neeti’s continued animosity towards her, Sanju receives a call and has to leave abruptly. Neeti, seizing the opportunity, heads to Gurvindar’s room, expressing her frustration with her presence. However, her actions are interrupted when Pami enters the room unexpectedly. Neeti hastily covers her face and fabricates an excuse about following the doctor’s instructions. Pami, skeptical, warns Neeti that she won’t get away with her behavior.

Elsewhere, Tayaji receives a call and departs from the hospital, leaving Chandrika concerned about Gurvindar’s well-being. Pari shares her suspicions about Neeti with Chandrika, questioning why Neeti couldn’t save Gurvindar if she could confront goons. Pami questions the doctor about Neeti’s presence near Gurvindar’s room, but the doctor denies seeing her. Neeti interjects, fabricating a story to cover her tracks, but Pami remains suspicious.

Pari reassures Chandrika that Neeti likely attempted to save Gurvindar, but the police deemed it an accident. Sanju questions Pari about her secrecy, prompting her to recall Neeti’s harsh words. Meanwhile, Pami confronts Neeti and brings her before the doctor, who vaguely recognizes her. Neeti defends herself, claiming she was simply following instructions, but Pami remains unconvinced. Chandrika and Bebe arrive, urging Neeti to explain herself, but she chooses to leave instead.

Shelly approaches Neeti, but Neeti angrily rebuffs him and storms off. Pami, determined to protect Gurvindar, stands guard outside her room. When Gurvindar’s condition worsens, Pami calls for a doctor, and Gurvindar slips into a coma. The family is devastated by the news, with Sanju and Pari breaking down in despair.

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