Parineeti 12th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 12th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Pami is upset about Gurvindar, so Pari comforts her, saying not to worry because the doctors are doing their best to save her. Pari receives a call from the priest, informing her that they have started a prayer ceremony for Gurvindar.

Neeti and Shelly return to the hospital with the inspector. The inspector expresses his suspicion that it wasn’t an accident. Neeti advises him not to make such claims until they have evidence, as nobody intended to harm Gurvindar.

The doctor informs Sanju that Gurvindar has lost a lot of blood, but they’re trying to stop it. Sanju demands to call a more senior doctor, but the doctor explains he’s the most senior available. Sanju argues with him, worried about his mother, but Pari intervenes, scolding him to stop. Sanju apologizes to the doctor.

Neeti and Shelly arrive at the hospital. Neeti resolves to make Sanju love her soon. Shelly asks if she’s alright, and Neeti reassures her that she’s concerned about Gurvindar and the family but needs to stay strong for them. The inspector informs them that they found no evidence of foul play, suggesting it was an accident. Pami glares angrily at Neeti. The nurse informs them that they need to arrange O-negative blood for Gurvindar, but they don’t have any in stock.

Scene 2

Sanju contacts friends to find O-negative blood, but none of them have it. Pari reassures him, promising to find a solution. Neeti plans to harm Gurvindar before they secure the blood.

Pari asks the nurse about the blood, but they haven’t arranged it yet. Pari insists they must find it. Sanju tells Pari about his struggle to find the blood. Pari mentions having a friend at a nearby hospital and promises to speak with her. Sanju hugs her, urging her to return quickly. Pari assures him that Gurvindar will be alright. Neeti hides, plotting to kill Gurvindar once Pari leaves.

Pami instructs Chandrika to visit the temple and pray for Gurvindar. Shelly calls Neeti, asking her to pray too. Neeti prays to Mata Rani for support.

Pari contacts her friend, who brings O-negative blood. Pari thanks her friend and leaves for the hospital, grateful for the help. She calls Sanju, informing him that she’s on her way with the blood. Neeti is shocked to hear this. The doctor emphasizes the urgency of the situation, saying they need the blood within half an hour or Gurvindar might die.

Pari takes a taxi but encounters a traffic jam. She gets out of the car and runs towards the hospital.

Neeti worries that Pari might not make it on time with the blood. Shelly reassures her that Gurvindar will be fine. Neeti suggests they leave the operating theatre area, as the nurse advised against causing a scene. Pami agrees and takes Sanju and the others away. Neeti enters Gurvindar’s room and smirks.

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