Parineeti 10th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Parineeti 10th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Parineeti Doriyaan Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Neeti tells Gurvindar not to disobey her anymore. She’s had enough. Punishment should be given to both Gurvindar and Pari because they’ve wronged her too. Gurvindar responds, asking how she dares to speak like that. Neeti counters, questioning his support when he only called her “nice.” She notices his increasing praise for Pari and accuses him of lying. Gurvindar asks if this is her true nature. Neeti asserts that her true self will be revealed today, shocking everyone. She claims to have been hurt and mistreated by this family and vows to take revenge on Pari by killing her that night. Gurvindar slaps her, declaring he won’t let her harm his daughter-in-law. Neeti is shocked.

Pari expresses her anxiety to Sanju, fearing something bad will happen. Sanju reassures her, promising to stay by her side. Pari mentions Neeti’s missing phone, prompting Sanju to go search for her.

Neeti confronts Gurvindar, shocked that he slapped her over Pari. Gurvindar confirms his action, stating his allegiance to Pari as his daughter-in-law. He accuses Neeti of attempting to kill Pari, referencing a dropped chandelier and poisoned kheer. Neeti confesses to both attempts and declares her intention to kill Pari along with her unborn child. Gurvindar, appalled, tries to slap her again, but Neeti warns him against it, threatening retaliation. Gurvindar realizes his mistake in opposing Pari, acknowledging his previous mistreatment of her. Neeti’s anger flares as Gurvindar repeatedly refers to Pari as his daughter-in-law.

Pami asks Sanju about Pari’s whereabouts. Sanju informs her that Pari went to search for Neeti.

Gurvindar warns Neeti that he’ll expose her to the family, causing Pari to hate her. He declares his intention to protect Pari and expose Neeti’s schemes. Neeti begs him, kneeling at his feet. Gurvindar tries to push her away, but Neeti grabs his hand as he slips from the balcony. Gurvindar pleads with her not to let go. Neeti demands his silence, refusing to spare Pari. Gurvindar calls out for Pari as Neeti releases his hand, causing him to fall onto the porch below. Pari witnesses the scene, and Neeti realizes she’s in trouble. Pari rushes to Gurvindar’s side as the family gathers. Neeti panics, realizing Pari might expose her presence. She flees as Chandrika asks Pari what happened.

Neeti confesses to the deity at the temple, feeling responsible for Gurvindar’s condition due to her actions.

Shelly contacts the hospital, and Gurvindar is taken there.

The inspector heading to Sanju’s house has a car accident.

Sanju and Pari rush Gurvindar to the hospital, along with Neeti. Pari pleads with the nurse to prioritize Gurvindar’s treatment. Neeti worries about the consequences if Gurvindar survives. The doctor arrives and requests consent for treatment. Sanju volunteers to sign the form, and Gurvindar is taken to the operating theater. Neeti is angry, feeling betrayed by Pari’s apparent friendship. Sanju expresses gratitude to Pari, who responds by saying Gurvindar is also her mother. Neeti seethes with anger at the sight of their hug.

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