Pandya Store 6th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 6th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pandya Store Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Amrish looking over some papers and remembering what Bhaven said. He gets angry and slaps Bhaven, shocking Amba and everyone else. Amrish asks him why he did it, calling him foolish for giving everything away and ruining them. Chiku intervenes, saying Bhaven is innocent and that the world is cruel. Bhaven accuses Chiku of fraud, leading to an argument. Shalini tries to calm them down, reminding them it’s a cultured event. Dhawal and Chirag hold Amrish back, but Chirag insists on confronting Chiku for the fraud. Shalini criticizes Chirag, questioning his integrity given their family’s history of deceit. Amba holds Amrish, who declares that the house will always be theirs and vows to fight anyone who tries to take it from them.

A flashback shows Amrish and Shalini discussing their future at a café, where Amrish reveals he bought their dream house and plans to marry her soon. They leave together, while Natasha and others watch Chiku. Natasha confronts Chiku, reminding him of the pain their family endured due to the Pandya family’s actions. Suman adds that Chiku betrayed not only the Makhwanas but also his wife and the entire Pandya family. Amba worries about where they will go, but Hetal reassures her that Amrish will resolve everything. They leave in the car, while Natasha vows to reclaim what they lost.

Juhi apologizes and offers Dhawal a cheque for his contribution to the show’s success, which he graciously accepts. Natasha tries to plead with Amrish, but Amba scolds her and drives off. Natasha runs after the car, begging for forgiveness. She sits crying on the road until Mittu and Suman come to console her. Isha arrives, followed by Chiku, who claims he sought revenge for her. Natasha and Chiku argue, with Natasha expressing disappointment in Chiku’s actions. Suman defends Chiku, reminding Natasha of the Pandya family’s betrayal. Shalini watches silently before deciding to meet Chiku.

Suman accuses the Pandya family of wrongdoing but reminds Chiku that his actions made him seem more like Shweta’s son than a true member of the Pandya family. Chiku breaks down, but Suman challenges him to prove himself as Dhara and Gautam’s son by returning everything and proving his loyalty. Chiku gathers himself and agrees to take action.

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