Pandya Store 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 5th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pandya Store Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Natasha asking Dhawal about the surprise he has planned. Dhawal assures her that he values emotions and won’t do anything to embarrass her. Natasha expresses her fear, and Dhawal explains that fear is good as it prevents making mistakes. Meanwhile, men tie up Shashank, who shouts for them to release him. Hetal gets ready for the party and asks Amrish how she looks. Despite Amrish’s compliment, Hetal senses that he didn’t pay much attention. Chiku advises Isha to talk to Suman. The family, all dressed up, goes to the party hall. They take selfies, and Dolly suggests capturing the moment.

Amba inquires a waiter about the party details, and he takes them to the wrong party. Dhawal anxiously waits for everyone, wondering where Shashank is. Amrish asks about the surprise, but Dhawal keeps it a secret, promising it’s something significant. Amba and her family, expecting a different party, get shocked to find girls dancing and men drinking at the venue. An old man disrupts the scene by brandishing a gun and forcing everyone to dance. Dhawal and his men wait for the ladies to arrive.

Amba and the ladies reluctantly join the dance. Natasha is surprised to find Shashank there and decides to untie him. Shashank reveals he came to the party on a one-day free stay. He urges Natasha to go out and bring Dhawal and Amrish. Meanwhile, Amrish and his brothers sense that something might be wrong as Dhawal and Amrish are not answering their calls.

Shashank calls Amrish and alerts him about the danger the ladies are in. Amrish, shocked, conveys the message to his brothers, and they rush to the back gate. Shashank calls the police for help. Amba and the ladies start fighting with the unruly men. One man grabs Hetal, but Amrish and the brothers arrive in time to rescue them. Shashank, having called the police, comes to the rescue. They manage to escape to another hall. Chabeli accidentally falls on a laptop, starting a video. Shashank arrives and reveals that this is Dhawal’s first surprise, hinting that there is another surprise to come.

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