Pandya Store 4th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 4th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Dhawal reminiscing about past moments with Amrish while looking at the family album. He decides to make Amrish face the consequences for his actions. Isha and Chiku discuss not upsetting Suman and decide to keep her happy by winning the competition. Isha receives a call for a grooming session, but she initially refuses to participate. Chiku convinces her to join, assuring that Suman won’t be upset. Suman questions Isha about her decision, and Isha lies about not participating, pleasing Suman. However, Suman decides to keep a close watch on Isha, suspecting her.

Natasha confronts Dhawal, sensing he is hiding something. Dhawal claims it’s just an overthought and tries to divert her attention. Chiku asks for a celebration party since Bhaven got the tender. Bhaven expresses his lack of guilt for Amrish’s actions and shares his frustration with Chiku. Bhaven mentions Amrish hiding money with Hetal without any records, and Chiku advises him to focus on his work. Pranali invites Bhaven for a family picnic, and he reluctantly agrees.

The family arrives at a resort, and some mysterious individuals catch their attention. Amba and Amrish feel uneasy vibes and suggest leaving the place. Dhawal insists on staying back for the picnic. Amrish talks to the manager about their concerns, and the manager claims everything is fine but mentions the lack of booking confirmation. Dhawal suggests booking online and convinces the family to stay, promising a surprise.

Meanwhile, Shashank encounters a shocking scene at the resort as some girls start dancing at a party. Natasha decides to talk to Dhawal, and he instructs a man to set up a projector in the party hall. Shashank is surprised to see the girls dancing and tries to leave, but the guards stop him. Natasha approaches Dhawal, curious about the surprise.

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