Pandya Store 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pandya Store 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Mithu Chatki’s slogan. He saw Natasha and ran to hug her. “Congratulations for the good news,” he said. Amrish says come quickly. They hear the lion’s roar. Everyone is shocked to see the tiger. Bhavan says I will not go with you. Pranali says come with me, medical science has advanced, we will get a chance to become parents, don’t worry. Amrish says Natasha is pregnant, I will find her. The lamp and dolly are at the top. Natasha calls Dhol and Amrish. Amrish calls out to Natasha. The dust matched Amba with the lamp. He goes to see Natasha. Shalini comes to Amrish and pushes him. His wallet falls there. Amrish falls on the banks of the lake. He sees a crocodile in the lake. The shadow is about to break. Chirag said don’t worry, stay there, don’t move.

Amrish got up. Shalini says you don’t want to be mine, just accept me, else those hungry crocodiles are waiting for you. He asked you are mad, go away. She says just accept me. He asks her to come. She steps back. Amrish gets shocked and yells at Shalini. She says please help me. He says I will bring something to pull you, stay there.

Hital asks for Bhavin and Pranali. The shadow breaks. They all fall. Natasha is looking for dust. She sees Shalini’s purse. She checks pictures of Amrish and Shalini. She gets shocked. Amrish comes there and sees her. He thinks no, he shouldn’t have had it all. She turns and sees Amrish. Bhuvan and Pranali come and see the family suffering. They support the family. There comes a lion. Dust comes and ignites the fire. He drives the lion away. He asks everyone to back off. He asks Bhaveen and Chirag to take everyone. Natasha asks are you related to Shalini? Amrish says no, I am not related to him, so I didn’t want him to stay in our house, he has done all this, so we are stuck here, do you trust me or you. Guess I’m lying. She says no, I have complete trust in you as Dhol trusts you, I know you can never hurt any woman. He thanks her and hugs her. She says I promise, I will not let her come near you, this matter will always be between us, you can trust me. He says yes but we have to save Shalini now, she was fighting with me and fell in the lake, if something happens to her then everyone will think I killed her on purpose, she wants to ruin me. Natasha says you are our pillar, we will save her first. Shalini chalai please help me. she cries. Muttu hears her and comes there. She asks him to save her. He also falls down.

Amrish and Natasha come and pull Mithu up. Dust also comes and helps them. Golu called Amrish. Dhul goes to see the dust ball. They save Muttu. Amrish asks Shalini to hold the rope. He also slips. Natasha holds Amrish’s hand. Amrish says leave my hand, I will not forgive myself if anything happens to your child. Natasha says no, you promised Golu, you will never leave us, you have to love my children too. His hand slips. He falls into the lake. Dhol comes and calls Amrish.

Amrish says I love you all, nothing is more harmful to me than my family, take care of my dust. Natasha and Dust are crying. He falls into the lake. Crocodiles eat it. Natasha and Dhul see blood spreading in the lake. They cry. Dust looked at Natasha. He saw Amrish’s watch in his hand.

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