Pandya Store 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 29th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode starts with Amba performing aarti and tilak for Dhawal. She hugs him and asks Natasha if Isha came to see Dhawal, who survived a major accident. Natasha explains that Chiku got hurt, so Isha stayed home to take care of him. Amrish reassures Amba that it’s okay, and Dhawal adds that if his mother wants Isha there, she should be called. He requests Amba to call Isha. Isha receives a call, and Chiku tells her to answer her mom’s call, as he is not a bad person. Isha asks about Dhawal’s well-being. Amba scolds Isha for forgetting her maternal home so soon. Isha explains that Yash got hurt, which is why she couldn’t come, and she’ll visit when he’s better. Amba informs her about the grand party Amrish organized for Dhawal, but Isha won’t be the only one absent. Chiku assures they will come. Meanwhile, Sandeep brings a container from the car, hinting at a plan.

Chirag reveals a surprise from Dolly and himself – Aditya Narayan will join the party and sing. Dhawal, recalling Natasha’s concerns, expresses his unease about dancing at the party. Natasha thinks about doing what’s best for Dhawal. Chiku notices Isha’s jewelry and decides to take revenge for making his sister cry. He pretends to talk to Gupta ji about selling ancestral jewelry to get a loan.

At the party, the masked killer’s associates release toxic smoke and demand the locket. Agastya, Imlie, and family are cornered. Agastya cleverly uses a smoke machine, injuring one of the assailants and himself. Imlie throws the locket out, urging them to leave. The aide’s wife hands the locket to the masked killer. The killer orders her to kill Imlie, but she refuses. He kills her husband and injures her. Imlie decides to surrender to the killer, but Agastya stops her. The killer escapes as Vishwa arrives, prioritizing Imlie’s condition.

Agastya rushes the injured Imlie to the hospital. The doctor reveals that Imlie needs AB negative blood, a rare group. Vishwa offers to donate as his blood group is also AB negative.

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