Pandya Store 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 29th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Pandya Store Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Natasha deciding to go home, and Dhawal offers to accompany her. However, Natasha worries that Suman might see Dhawal and get concerned. Shashank encourages Natasha to leave, and she heads home. Upon arriving, she asks Mittu what’s wrong, and he informs her that Chiku is planning something against Amrish with Bhaven’s support. He reveals that Chiku called Bhaven to sign some papers, indicating a connection between them. Natasha suggests checking Chiku’s phone for more information.

Natasha enters Chiku’s room and retrieves his phone. As she does so, Isha enters the room, causing Natasha to panic. Meanwhile, Dhawal is preoccupied with thoughts of Natasha, and Shashank reassures him that she will return soon. When Chiku spots Natasha with his phone, she confronts him about his actions against Bhaven. Natasha discovers property papers on Bhaven’s name in Chiku’s phone and questions him about his involvement. Chiku claims innocence and states that he’s trying to protect Amrish based on Shalini’s advice. Natasha warns him about the consequences of his actions and leaves.

Back at home, everyone gets ready for an event. Natasha arrives and suggests withdrawing from the competition due to Bhaven and Chiku’s scheming against Amrish. Suman blesses Isha and feeds her curd and sugar. Despite her concerns, Isha asks Suman to accompany her to the event, but Chiku assures her that he will be there. Natasha informs the family about Bhaven’s plan, causing tension among them. Meanwhile, Suman locks Chiku in his room to prevent him from causing trouble.

At the competition, Natasha senses something wrong and worries about the outcome. Chiku meets Bhaven and confirms that he has completed his task. Bhaven, pleased with the progress, prepares to execute the next phase of their plan. As Isha arrives at the event, she expresses her worry about Chiku’s absence. Natasha reassures her and contacts Chiku, urging him to come to the event. She admonishes him for his actions and demands his presence. Chiku promises to bring a big surprise that will change their lives.

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