Pandya Store 27th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 27th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with the assistant calling the lawyer, expressing concern about the potential losses if they make him wait. The lawyer leaves, and Natasha shouts for Chiku’s help. Together, they assist Mittu and place the rack back in its position. The lawyer returns to his cabin, finding them there, and questions their presence. Natasha takes the file, and the lawyer instructs them to leave. Security guards arrive and escort them away. Meanwhile, the lawyer examines the file.

A doctor discusses the critical condition of someone’s family member, emphasizing the need to prepare them. Natasha runs out, and the lawyer realizes the file was almost stolen. Natasha notices Amrish with the lawyer, and upon leaving, the lawyer accuses her of taking advantage of someone’s helplessness. Amrish agrees with the lawyer’s sentiment, using the analogy of shaping hot iron with a hammer. Natasha returns home, contemplating why Amrish took the file. Isha expresses concern to her mother, and Chiku, feeling insulted, declares that the house now belongs to Natasha.

Amrish arrives home and tells Natasha that he has come to take her home. He requests her to come outside for a brief discussion. Natasha declines, fearing blame, and insists on talking in front of Isha. However, Amrish insists she come outside for two minutes. He reveals the papers, stating that he has bought the company and Natasha owes him 45 lakhs in 15 days. Natasha becomes anxious and wonders if Dhawal instructed Amrish to help her. Amrish suggests extending the time to six months if she takes care of Dhawal. Natasha, assuming Dhawal sent Amrish, expresses her unwillingness to maintain any relation with him. However, Amrish clarifies that Dhawal did not send him and he is there for Dhawal’s sake.

Amrish tearfully reveals that Dhawal is in the city hospital, fighting for his life. Natasha recalls Dhawal’s words and becomes emotional. She runs to the hospital to see Dhawal. Amba prays for Dhawal’s well-being. Natasha rushes to the ICU where the doctor attempts to revive Dhawal. She pleads with him to wake up, and to her relief, his heart starts beating again. Natasha hugs Dhawal as he regains consciousness. The doctor mentions the miraculous revival upon Natasha’s arrival and instructs her to get the required medicines.

Meanwhile, Suman looks for Chutki, and Chiku promises to find her. Chiku calls Natasha to inform her about Dhawal’s condition, urging her to return home. Natasha, however, decides to stay with Dhawal until he recovers, stating that she cannot find peace at home. She instructs Chiku to inform Suman and declares her intent to stay with Dhawal until he gets better.

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