Pandya Store 26th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 26th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with Dhawal envisioning Natasha and sprinting down the road. Concerned, the Makhwanas search for Dhawal, who eventually grasps onto someone, only to be pushed away by the girl. Overcome with dizziness, Dhawal seeks refuge under a tree. Amba spots Dhawal and urgently instructs Bhaven to halt the car. They all rush to Dhawal’s side. Expressing his remorse, Dhawal implores to find Natasha. Amba admonishes the failure to keep Natasha away from Dhawal, urging them to fetch her to potentially save his life. Dolly asserts Natasha’s reluctance, citing her self-respect as crucial. Pranali affirms that breaking the relation is final once Natasha has made up her mind.

Shesh expresses reluctance, provoking Chiku’s anger. Natasha proposes to go along with her two brothers. Chiku scolds Shesh, who eventually agrees, stating concern for the family. Natasha embraces Shesh, and Amba vows to plead with Natasha. Amrish intervenes, asserting his ability to bring Natasha for Dhawal’s sake. He directs them to take Dhawal to the hospital, hiring an auto-rickshaw for the purpose. In a disguised visit to the lawyer’s office as Sardar ji, Natasha and her brothers initiate a confrontation. Natasha demands her rightful share of the land, leading to a tussle in the lawyer’s office.

Chiku urges the lawyer to find a resolution for their predicament, taking him outside. Meanwhile, Dhawal receives medical attention, and the doctor alerts them about his critical condition, emphasizing the need to contact Natasha urgently. Shesh takes the lawyer aside to discuss matters, and Natasha exploits the situation, deceiving the lawyer. Chiku shows money to the lawyer, threatening to seek a bigger attorney. The lawyer steps out for a break.

Chiku insists on paying any amount for legal services. Natasha locates the needed file with the name “Pandya Store” on it. Meanwhile, the lawyer returns, and Chiku ensures he stays out of the way while they work. As they search for the file, a rack collapses, posing a threat to Mittu. Hetal advises Amba not to worry, and Pranali attempts to contact Natasha, fearing the risk but understanding the urgency due to Dhawal’s critical condition. Chirag calls Amrish, urging him to bring Natasha despite any stress, as Dhawal’s life hangs in the balance.

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