Pandya Store 25th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 25th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Dhawal acknowledging the need to apologize to Natasha. He starts shouting and eventually faints, causing concern among everyone present. Pranali, checking the flat lines on the machines, becomes visibly worried. Meanwhile, Suman imparts wisdom to Isha, encouraging her to embark on her culinary journey by making sweets in her first rasoi. Isha, unsure of her cooking skills, receives reassurance from Suman, who offers to teach her. However, Natasha appears sad, prompting Suman to suggest that Natasha teaches cooking to Isha. Disturbed by some undisclosed matter, Natasha apologizes for her distracted state. She gets hurt and breaks into tears.

A doctor examines Dhawal, instructing everyone to leave the room. Lawyers arrive and serve Natasha with a legal notice, claiming she owes 45 lakhs to their client. Natasha vehemently denies taking any loan, but the lawyer insists it is related to the termination of Sandeep and the subsequent breach of the renovation contract. The lawyer demands payment within 15 days, threatening legal consequences. Determined to fight back, Natasha expresses her disdain for Sandeep, leaving her in a state of worry. Amba expresses bewilderment at Dhawal’s behavior and curses Natasha, while Pranali contemplates informing Natasha about Dhawal. Amba intervenes, threatening Pranali against revealing anything to Natasha.

Natasha hides the contract from Suman and lies about the situation. Chiku discovers the legal notice and is shocked. Natasha explains the predicament, and everyone becomes distressed. Meanwhile, Dhawal walks on the road, and the scene is accompanied by the song “Ya Rabba.”

As tension mounts, Isha tries to ease the atmosphere by presenting sweets she made for her first rasoi. Suman appreciates the gesture, but the mood takes a serious turn when Chiku expresses disbelief in traditional customs. Suman discloses the legal issue with Sandeep, revealing the need to pay 45 lakhs in 15 days. Chiku is infuriated and suggests physical confrontation, but Shesh proposes selling the house as a solution. Natasha disagrees, and Shesh scolds her. Suman intervenes and silences Shesh, emphasizing the severity of the situation.

Dhawal, walking on the road, encounters a man who appears to be Sandeep. Dhawal, mistaking him for Sandeep, begins beating the man. Meanwhile, the family contemplates the repercussions of selling the house, and tensions rise. Suman instructs Isha to rest, assuring her that the Pandya family will navigate through the challenges. Amba anxiously awaits Dhawal’s return, while Isha calls her with distressing news. Amba listens in shock as Isha reveals Sandeep’s misbehavior, the legal troubles, and the family’s contemplation of selling their house. Amba vows to find a solution, expressing concern for Natasha’s well-being.

In the hospital, Dhawal is missing from his bed, causing panic among Amrish, Bhaven, and Chirag. They search the ward but find no trace of Dhawal, who is later found fainting.

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