Pandya Store 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 24th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode commences with an intense confrontation between Natasha and Dhawal. Emotions run high as Natasha expresses her disappointment, telling Dhawal that he shouldn’t have accused her. She declares that their relationship is over, emphasizing the need for trust. Natasha questions Dhawal’s actions, expressing her disbelief in his apparent betrayal. Overwhelmed, she concludes that she may have loved the wrong person and tearfully exits the scene, leaving Dhawal in shock.

Hetal, concerned about Dhawal’s whereabouts, searches for him and calls out for him. Dhawal, attempting to explain himself, collapses and sustains a head injury. Hetal, unable to find Dhawal, informs others about the situation. Amba reassures Hetal that Dhawal has likely gone to apologize to Natasha and will return with her. Chirag suggests it’s better for Dhawal to be with Natasha than alone. Meanwhile, Dhawal, in a distressed state, calls out to Natasha but falls into a pool, worsening his condition.

Natasha, determined to distance herself from the turmoil, leaves to hire an auto. She rejects calls from Chirag but eventually answers Pranali’s call. Pranali informs her that Dhawal is missing and asks if Natasha knows his whereabouts. Natasha falsely claims that Dhawal had kidnapped her, taken her to a farmhouse, and attempted to marry her. Despite Pranali’s concern, Natasha insists it’s over and disconnects the call. Pranali informs others about Dhawal’s location.

At the farmhouse, Amrish, Bhaven, and Chirag arrive to find the mandap set for a wedding. They search for Dhawal and discover bloodstains near the pool. Shocked, they find Dhawal submerged in the pool, with Amrish desperately attempting to revive him. The family rushes Dhawal to the hospital, where the doctor reveals the severity of his injuries. The next 24 hours are declared critical due to a deep head injury and potential chlorine exposure.

Natasha, in deep reflection, confides in Suman, who comforts her and apologizes for getting angry earlier. Natasha, overcome with emotions, apologizes and expresses her frustration about her unsettled life. Dhawal, in the hospital, undergoes treatment as his family anxiously awaits news on his condition. The doctor warns of the critical situation, leaving Amba and the rest of the family in tears.

In the morning, Dhawal regains consciousness and, upon seeing his family, asks for Natasha, leaving the episode with an air of uncertainty about the unfolding events.

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