Pandya Store 22nd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 22nd January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Suhani pleading with Dhawal not to go through with his decision. Dhawal apologizes, stating that he cannot commit a greater wrong by marrying her and requests forgiveness. Tearfully, Suhani implores him to listen to her, but Dhawal leaves. Meanwhile, Suman conducts the grahpravesh ceremony for Chiku and Isha, welcoming them into the Pandya family. The atmosphere is filled with the melody of “Yaadon ki baraat.”

Natasha reminisces about Dhawal, while Chirag rushes to hug Dhawal, praising him for making the right decision in choosing Natasha. However, Dhawal reveals the grave mistake he made by doubting Natasha’s character, blaming her for infidelity without proper evidence. Chirag consoles him, and Dhawal expresses regret for accusing her wrongly. Amba urges Amrish to intervene, but Amrish states that Dhawal won’t listen now.

The scene shifts to Suman, who reassures Natasha about the living arrangements. Meanwhile, Amrish and the others return home, and Chirag suggests giving Dhawal some time. He acknowledges that Dhawal was not interested in the marriage and had only agreed for the sake of his mother and Amrish.

Dhawal, driving his car, reflects on his love for Natasha and pleads with her to understand him. Natasha, in her own thoughts, admits her mistake and contemplates canceling the contract with Sandeep. Dhawal, on the other hand, remains hidden from Natasha’s view.

Bhaven confronts Amrish, blaming him for the entire situation due to his stubbornness and ego, emphasizing the responsibility for Natasha and Dhawal’s marriage for the Pandya store. Amba expresses concern that the house may face a crisis due to the current turmoil.

Dhawal arrives at Natasha’s house and observes her in the balcony. Unaware of his presence, Natasha messages Sandeep to cancel the Pandya store contract, recalling Dhawal’s accusations. Dhawal hides from her view, and Pranali and Dolly celebrate, making Hetal dance. Pranali suggests celebrating the fact that someone stood up against Amrish for the first time. Hetal becomes uncomfortable, and Pranali highlights how Dhawal’s life has been affected due to Amrish’s actions.

Amrish overhears the conversation and becomes saddened by Dhawal’s words. Natasha, feeling guilty, observes that her family is upset because of her actions.

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