Pandya Store 21st January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 21st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Natasha questioning Dhawal about what he would have done if she hadn’t proven her innocence. She asks if he would hug her or spit on her face. Dhawal pleads for forgiveness, admitting he made a big mistake. Everyone watches the tense scene unfold. Dhawal tries to defend himself, but Natasha points out the difference between them—she doesn’t form opinions hastily, while he jumps to conclusions. She declares that their relationship has ended, and if it were possible, she would erase his memories from her life. Dhawal tearfully asks her to consider his perspective, but Natasha sternly cuts him off, saying they are no longer related, and she will only maintain a relationship of hatred with him. She leaves the scene, leaving Dhawal distraught.

Dhawal heads to the car, and Suman instructs Isha to get ready for marriage, asking Chiku to call the pandit. They leave the premises. Amrish questions Dhawal about their destination. Dhawal admits to his mistake and expresses his intention to apologize to Natasha for falsely accusing her. Amrish advises against making another mistake and emphasizes that Suhani should not bear the brunt of Dhawal’s actions. He urges Dhawal to go through with the marriage first and apologize later. Dhawal reluctantly agrees and proceeds to the wedding altar.

Suman returns home to find the beautifully decorated mandap and praises Mittu for arranging everything so quickly. Chiku and Isha take their seats in the mandap, and Dhawal holds Suhani’s hand, leading her to the marriage altar.

Meanwhile, Pranali and Hetal discuss the unexpected return of Dhawal and express concern about stopping the marriage. Hetal, however, apologizes, stating she can’t do anything to intervene. Natasha, teary-eyed, ties the gathbandhan. Chiku and Isha begin taking the wedding rounds, and Dhawal and Suhani follow suit. As they proceed, Dhawal is haunted by memories of Natasha. Suddenly, he stops, leaving everyone bewildered. Suman hugs Isha, and emotional music plays in the background. Isha assures Natasha that she won’t let her cry and hugs Chiku. The entire family joins in the celebration, hugging Suman. However, Dhawal interrupts, expressing his inability to continue with the marriage. The gathbandhan catches fire from the havan fire, and Amrish scolds Dhawal for his decision. Dhawal explains that he fulfilled his promise to leave Natasha as per Amrish’s request, but he never promised to remarry. He apologizes and declares that he cannot go through with the marriage to Suhani.

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