Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Chiku declaring that they won’t stay back. Amba questions Chiku’s decision to punish Isha for Natasha’s mistake. Chiku suggests that Amba take Isha home, as their marriage is already done, and they are not interested in saving their reputation. People start speculating about Isha’s marital status, wondering if they eloped and got married. Amrish and the others hear these comments, leaving Isha and Amba in tears. Chiku urges Isha to come with him, and Isha looks at Amrish before leaving. The Pandyas depart, and Natasha convinces Isha to join them, emphasizing that they are a family built on love and trust.

Meanwhile, Arvind expresses his concern for Suhani, stating that she shouldn’t be punished for Natasha’s mistake. Amrish agrees, and Suman suggests they move forward. Amrish decides to go and get Isha. Chiku insists that Isha should go with him. Natasha brings Isha back, and Mittu comments on Chutki (Natasha) bringing Isha. Sandeep arrives at the scene, and Natasha recognizes him, recalling his previous actions. He attempts to flee, and Natasha instructs Chiku to call the police. Chiku chases Sandeep.

As Sandeep tries to escape in a car, he hits Natasha. Natasha throws her dupatta over the windscreen, causing Sandeep to hit another car and stop. Suhani pleads with Dhawal not to punish her for Natasha’s mistake. Hetal is concerned, and Sandeep gets out of the car, running away. Natasha catches up with him and scolds him, eventually beating him. Chiku encourages Natasha to continue beating him, but Suman intervenes, saying that’s enough.

Amrish suggests to Dhawal that he should marry Suhani. Just then, news of a car accident is heard, and Dhawal rushes to see what happened. Everyone goes outside to witness the scene. Isha pleads with Natasha to stop beating Sandeep, saying that the law will take care of him. Dhawal and the others arrive at the scene and witness Natasha’s anger towards Sandeep. Amba questions what is happening, and Isha intervenes to stop Natasha.

Natasha explains that Sandeep drugged her and took her to the location. Chiku and Dhawal join forces to beat Sandeep, scolding him for his disgraceful actions. The inspector arrives and suggests they let the law handle the situation. Suman holds Natasha’s hand, and Dhawal, realizing his mistake, apologizes to Natasha. He acknowledges that they made a grave error in judgment and expresses regret for the unfortunate turn of events.

Suhani worries about Dhawal’s concern and fears it might impact her marriage. Chiku apologizes, stating that he cannot change what happened. He makes a promise to protect Natasha from anyone with evil intentions in the future. Chiku consoles Natasha, who leaves with her family. Dhawal, feeling remorseful, runs to Natasha and hugs her. However, Natasha pushes him away and expresses her anger and disappointment.

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