Pandya Store 18th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 18th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Dhawal searching for Natasha, expressing his concern for her. Natasha questions his care, reminding him that he is about to marry Suhani. However, Dhawal insists that he cares for Natasha and becomes anxious when she suddenly disappears. He frantically calls out her name.

Meanwhile, Isha inquires with Suman about Chiku’s whereabouts. Suman reassures her that Chutki is missing, but he went to find her, emphasizing that Isha’s marriage will proceed as planned. Dolly rushes into an empty room, alarmed that Suhani has run away, leaving everyone worried. Amrish suspects Chiku and plans to involve the police, accusing him of kidnapping Suhani. Despite Isha’s plea to refrain from calling the police, Amrish dismisses her and scolds her. Isha runs away, and Amba insists that it’s about Isha’s respect. Ignoring everyone’s concerns, Amrish is determined to involve the police.

In another scene, Sandeep places Natasha on the bed and lies beside her, expressing his intention to record a video. Natasha, waking up, realizes his presence. Dhawal and Amrish discover Natasha with Sandeep, shocking them. Dhawal is devastated, thinking about the consequences of Amrish witnessing this scene.

Natasha, attempting to defend herself, grabs a glass and hits Sandeep on the head. He gets hurt but manages to escape the room. Natasha falls back on the bed, shaken by the encounter.

Isha questions the uncertainty around their marriage, and Chiku, frustrated with the situation, suggests going ahead with the wedding despite Chutki’s disappearance. However, Isha insists on finding Natasha before proceeding with the marriage. The couple decides to search for Natasha together.

In the meantime, Pranali calls out for Natasha, who shouts for Bhabhi. Hetal hears the commotion and rushes to the room. They find Natasha, who seems dizzy. Pranali suspects foul play and sprinkles water on Natasha to revive her. Natasha embraces Hetal, revealing her distress. Hetal becomes concerned, and Natasha faints, prompting Dolly to hug her.

Pranali checks Natasha’s condition and suggests taking her outside for the wedding rounds. Amrish accuses Yashodan Pandya of kidnapping Suhani and urges the police to arrest him. Suman declares that Natasha is no longer their daughter-in-law, adding to the chaos. Hetal brings Natasha to Suhani’s room, and everyone complains about Chiku. Dhawal arrives, and Chiku, along with Isha, joins them. Amrish insists on Chiku’s arrest, but Isha pleads against it. The police consider investigating, and Amrish is adamant about Chiku’s arrest.

In a turn of events, Hetal arrives with the bride, revealing that they found Suhani, who was suffering from pre-wedding nervousness. They assure everyone that Suhani is fine. Hetal advises letting some air in, expressing confidence that everything will be fine after the wedding. Amrish agrees and suggests discussing matters later. Amba inquires about Suhani’s well-being, and Hetal assures her that Suhani is okay. Chiku, however, insists that his sister is still missing. Amrish directs him to room number 301, where Natasha is supposed to be. Chiku accuses Amrish of knowing about Natasha and locking her up, but Amrish denies it, claiming that she is with Sandeep.

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