Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates

The episode begins with Golu questioning why they are fighting. Hetal explains that they are just talking, and she asks him to go and have some juice. Chiku, in frustration, throws the glasses away. Golu, upset, decides to ask Isha not to marry Chiku. Suman tells Dhawal that he must find Natasha, but he has no right to stop Dhawal from marrying Isha. She encourages Dhawal to start his new life happily.

Amrish dismisses Chiku’s actions as drama and suspects him of adding sand to the sweets. Amba intervenes and wonders what they would do if Chiku refused to marry Isha. Amrish suggests that they can’t do anything if Isha has chosen Chiku. He advises Dhawal to think about it, and Dhawal leaves for the mandap. Amrish calls Arvind and instructs him to bring Suhani to the mandap. Pranali and Hetal express concern about Natasha, and Golu runs into Sandeep, causing Natasha to fall. Golu runs away, and Shesh decides to find Chutki along with Mittu. Chiku insists on searching for Natasha, but Amba suggests sitting in the mandap and letting others find her. Golu informs Isha about Chiku’s behavior, and Isha decides to check on him.

Sandeep is shocked by the encounter with Golu, and Natasha falls to the ground. Sandeep is startled, and Golu escapes. Amba scolds her daughters-in-law, and Sandeep takes Natasha away. Chiku searches for Natasha, and Amba asks her bahus to focus on their work. Sandeep tries to hide Natasha while Chiku continues searching.

Golu informs Isha about Chiku’s claim that she won’t marry him. Isha questions him, and Amba scolds her daughters-in-law again. Sandeep tries to handle the situation and hides Natasha in the trolley with mattresses. Chiku checks the rooms, and the bellboy informs Sandeep about the mattresses. Sandeep follows them, unaware of Natasha’s presence. Meanwhile, Chiku remains unaware of Natasha’s whereabouts. Suhani gets ready for her wedding, and Dolly advises her to do a touch-up to avoid bad wedding pictures. Hetal and Pranali plot to rescue Natasha, and they disguise themselves in white coats and masks. Sandeep keeps an eye on the trolley, determined not to lose.

Hetal and Pranali, disguised as hospital staff, enter Suhani’s room and use chloroform to make her unconscious. They then take her away. Amba wonders why the ladies’ panchayat hasn’t arrived yet, and Chiku worries about Chutki’s disappearance. Sandeep rushes with Natasha, and Dhawal, feeling unwell, decides to look for Natasha while Amrish searches for the ladies’ panchayat. Sandeep takes Natasha to a room and places her on the bed, while Dhawal wonders about Natasha’s whereabouts and what she might be trying to do.

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