Mera Balam Thanedaar 29th April 2024 Written Episode Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 29th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mera Balam Thanedaar 29 April 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Veer telling Sulakshana that it was her fault that he forced her to go to college, but she broke my heart and trust so badly. Vani asks them not to scold their best friend and says she can’t do wrong. Silikshan says he has done wrong and asks Vayu to take him to the room. Vayu took Vani to the room. She then scolds Bulbul and asks her to feel ashamed for ruining Veer’s pride, and says that she doesn’t want to see his face.

Vardhan asks Bulbul to tell his sage. Wernica folds her hands. Bulbul thinks she can’t tell him and apologizes. After everyone leaves, Kaveri taunts Bulbul. Bulbul says what happened today was wrong and says everyone is angry with me. She says enough is enough. Dharsti comes in front of him and says that this is not the first time that he has cheated in college, and says that he cheated in school too, and the principal used to call Baba. She holds his hand and says I am apologizing to you on her behalf. She sees Vardhan and lets go of Veer’s hand. Vardhan asks Veer to think about Bulbul’s point of view and says that maybe he did it out of fear of failure, or maybe he didn’t. He says I should have understood that she doesn’t want to study, and says she disappointed me.

Vernica gets a call from Avi. Bulbul comes there and cuts the call. She says this guy is not well and says it was her thought and cheating plan. She asks not to talk to him. Vernica says no. Bulbul asks him to come out and tell everyone. Vernica asks if she is blackmailing him and trying to be noble. Bulbul says she didn’t let her name get spoiled as she is the daughter and pride of the house and everyone has high hopes for her. She swears to him that she will not talk to Avi. Vernica apologizes and promises her not to talk to Evie. Bulbul says I will not tell anyone and comes out. She sees Dharsti standing. Dharsti asks did you do this for Varnika. She says you didn’t do well and hugs her. She says you tell Veer the truth. Bulbul asks her to promise that she won’t tell anyone. She says it is about the family’s honor and Varnika’s future. Dharsti says ok.

Vaani comes to Veer and throws the ball asking him to catch it. Veer gives him the ball. She asks him to smile and asks if he is angry with the best friend, and says that everyone loves him, you and me. Bulbul comes into the room and asks God to save her from Veer’s anger. She asks him to listen. She follows him and gets hurt. He asked why are you coming after me? She says I can follow you to hell. Veer confronts her and asks her, how can she hate education so much. He goes into the hall. Silakshana asks everyone to eat. Veer says he has to go to PS, and won’t get food. Silikshan says she will serve the food on the plate and asks him to go. He refuses and leaves. Bulbul takes the tiffin and says she will give him food, and then eat the food later. Silikshan says no need, Vayu will go and give tiffin. Vardhan asks Bulbul to go with him and have dinner with Veer.

They go to PS and hear Veer beating the boy. The sub-inspector tells him that Veer hates cheaters and kills the boy who leaked the medical exam papers. Bulbul gets scared and asks Vayu to go and feed her. He says bhaiya doesn’t touch woman, but he will kill me. He asks her to use some idea and feed him. Bulbul gets the idea and starts dancing praising her. Vayu asks her to control it. He becomes happy.

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