Mera Balam Thanedaar 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mera Balam Thanedaar Doriyaan 25 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode commences with Sulakshana’s anxiety as she expresses to Bulbul her adamant stance on not letting the puja halt under any circumstances, fearing the worst. Pandit ji instructs Bulbul to ignite the ceremonial fire. Meanwhile, Dhristi, strategizing her escape, sets the house ablaze, reminiscing about applying gel on herself as a protective measure. Confident in her own safety, Dhristi envisages Bulbul’s demise in the flames. Despite this unfolding chaos, Bulbul and Veer are poised for the puja. However, Bulbul is interrupted by Dhristi’s incessant calls, causing her to abruptly leave the ceremony, leaving everyone bewildered. Veer rationalizes her sudden departure, attributing it to urgent matters. While attending to Dhristi’s call, Bulbul is confronted with a distressing scene: Dhristi feigning collapse amidst a house engulfed in flames. Sulakshana intervenes, urging Bulbul to return to the puja with Veer, but Bulbul disregards her and flees, shocking everyone present.

Bulbul rushes through the streets, her frantic pace interrupted by a stumble that dislodges her necklace. Veer arrives in his car, urging her to join him, to which she complies. Meanwhile, Pandit ji alerts the gathering about the fleeting auspicious time for the ceremony. Vayu chances upon Bulbul’s necklace on the deserted road, signaling her abrupt departure. Amidst the gossip and criticisms from the guests, Vardhan voices support for Bulbul, reminding them of their past struggles as daughters-in-law. As Sulakshana laments Bulbul’s actions, she implores Lord Mahadev to ensure the safety of her children and salvage the disrupted puja.

In the car, Veer queries Bulbul about the unfolding events, prompting her to reveal her concern for Dhristi’s safety. Varnika and the guests revel in Bulbul’s predicament, relishing the opportunity to cast aspersions on her character. Despite Vayu’s attempt to defend her, Sulakshana intervenes, preventing the disclosure of the truth. Veer halts the car upon encountering balloons obstructing their path. Seizing the moment, he presents the balloons to Bulbul, unknowingly becoming subjects of photographs taken by bystanders.

Meanwhile, as the video of Veer and Bulbul circulates among the guests, Varnika gleefully exposes it to Sulakshana, fueling further gossip about their supposed romantic rendezvous. Veer calls for assistance from the fire brigade while Bulbul reaches out to Dhristi, who cynically toys with her. Veer advises Dhristi on safety measures, prompting her to misconstrue his intentions. Upon arriving at the scene, Veer instructs Bulbul to prioritize her safety as they assess the situation. With the fire brigade occupied elsewhere, Veer resorts to alternative methods to quell the flames, enlisting the help of bystanders to procure water.

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