Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mehndi Wala Ghar 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Rahul telling about Molly. Rati meets Molly and says Rahul is very impressed with you, I thought he loves you. She hugs Molly. Rahul smiled. Rati says Rahul wanted me to come here so I am here. Vijay says dear, go and rest. Rati goes. Vijay tells Janaki about Rahul and Rati dating for 6 months. She asks what? Vijay says no, I mean…. Janaki asks what does it mean, tell me. Vijay says that dating is common these days. Tanvi says they are together. Janki asks if they live together. Vijay says no, they are close since childhood. She says they are grown up now. Hari says we are not that strong, I came to meet you at jalebi shop, we had a date. She says but I didn’t take jalebi. He says yes, I couldn’t meet you. Vijay says it is bad. Tanvi says Rati is a good girl, I was thinking to talk about Rati and Rahul’s union. Janki says you fix their engagement. Molly is shocked.

She goes and cries. Jyoti comes to him. Molly says I came to make tea for Karan. Jyoti says Rahul loves you a lot, but he doesn’t know. Golu says Rahul loves Rati. Rahul comes. Mini says you are lucky that your gf came to meet you. Rahul says she is not my gf. Rohit says they are dating for 6 months. Rahul says we like to spend time. Molly says I was dreaming for no reason, Rati is a good girl, Rahul is happy to see her. Molly says my relationship broke with Manas on wedding day, Tanvi will never make me her daughter-in-law. Jyoti says no relationship, Manas cheated you, you are legally free. Rati comes to Rahul. She asks what is happening. Golu says Rahul was telling us about you. Rati says so cute about you Rahul. Jyoti asked what about your love? Molly says he has past, he can never be mine, I will make Manisha’s marriage the best event, it is the best occasion for our family. Jyoti hugs him and cries. Kiran spoke to his brother. Suprabha was troubled. Karan complains about this. Her brother gets angry and hangs up. Manisha comes. Karan says sorry. She says I understand, my brothers also got away earlier, I am sorry, you got away from your brothers. Manoj looks on. Ajay says we have to go shopping. Swara says Vaibhu is getting into a conspiracy. Ajay asked what? Swara says I heard Vijay is sending Vaibhu and Saloni to London, Tanvi and Vijay want to take her away from me. she cries. Ajay says you really think so. She says it is true, now why this drama, I will go and talk to them. He stops her. She asks when should I talk, when I lose her, he says no, it is not the right time, Manisha is getting married, I don’t want any fight between Tanvi and you, Vaibhu doesn’t go anywhere. will Manoj finds the scrapbook. He says that Manisha has written her marriage dreams in it. He shows pictures and tells his dreams. The brothers decided to make his dreams come true. She says she has written that she wants blessings of Mika and in-laws. Ajay asks how in-laws will come. Vijay says it can’t be. Molly says we will do whatever. Rati talks to him about Suprabha. Molly says that nothing happens here without the blessings of elders.

She asks Rati to sleep. Rati asks will you be my friend? She says I want to be like you, make me your friend, student or assistant. Jyoti sees. Rati says everything is fair in love, I really love Rahul, I want to win his family’s heart, please help me for this.

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