Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mehndi Wala Ghar 26 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode begins with Manas enthusiastically announcing, “I’ve prepared your favorite dishes, let’s eat.” Mauli, however, suggests they wait and have dinner with everyone. Suddenly, Rahul dashes upstairs, prompting everyone’s curious gazes. Ignoring the interruption, Manas urges Mauli to eat from his hands, but before they can proceed, Rahul intervenes, drawing everyone’s attention. Confused, Manas questions Rahul’s interference, stating he had cooked the food for Mauli. Rahul accuses Manas of merely ordering the food instead of cooking it himself. Swara queries Manas about his cooking efforts, to which he confesses that his attempt to cook failed as the food got burnt. He explains that he lacked cooking skills and didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so he resorted to ordering instead. Janki chimes in, suggesting that cooking is typically women’s work, while Ajanta defends Manas’s effort, saying Rahul exacerbated the situation.

Rahul counters, pointing out that Manas’s ignorance of Mauli’s allergies could have led to a medical emergency, as he ordered a dish containing cashew nuts, to which Mauli is allergic. Mauli recalls informing Rahul about her allergy and reproaches Manas for not paying attention. Despite Manas’s explanations and arguments, Mauli feels hurt and retreats in tears. Jyoti, noticing Mauli’s distress, offers her support.

In a separate scene, Jyoti confronts her husband, Akshay, who vents his frustrations about his family’s perceived lack of support and understanding. He berates Jyoti, expressing his disillusionment with their marriage and the sacrifices he has made for the family. Meanwhile, Manas confides in Aashna over the phone, strategizing to win over Janki’s support.

Back with Mauli and Jyoti, Mauli seeks insight into Akshay’s behavior. Jyoti defends him, revealing her understanding of his pain and her lack of expectations. Mauli admires Jyoti’s resilience and vows to help mend Akshay’s relationship with his brothers.

Mauli devises a plan to recreate a cherished Holi tradition involving Akshay and his brothers, aiming to reignite their bond and heal Akshay’s wounds. Inspired by Mauli’s optimism, Jyoti eagerly supports the plan, hoping for a reconciliation among the family members. They share a hopeful smile as they anticipate the positive impact of their efforts on the family dynamics.

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