Mehndi Wala Ghar 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mehndi Wala Ghar 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Janaki announcing that Khushi is coming home after 25 years. Everyone smiles. Elders bless Karan and Manisha. Jyoti says Janaki knows right from wrong, Molly knows how to explain her. Web comes home. Vijay gets a call and says sorry, I don’t know what Vaibhav said to you, I apologize on his behalf. He scolds Vaibhav. He says you went to meet him today. Vaibhu says sorry, I went to meet him to save time. Vijay says you misbehaved with him, maybe he is judging me too, you have spoiled my name too. Vaibhu says sorry, I shouldn’t have gone alone. Vijay says if you don’t know anything then keep quiet. Vaibhav cries and says yes, I don’t know anything, I am not lucky like Rahul, I didn’t get a chance to study in London school, I can’t handle a big business. Vijay says no, don’t say that, I am sorry, you are saying you didn’t study in a good school, I will send you to London to do hotel management course. Vaibhav asks really. Vijay says yes, take Saloni and Gudi along. Vaibhav gets happy. Vijay asks her to get ready. Vaibhav thanked him with a hug. He says I promise, I will try my best. Vijay says I know, come and see how we are treating our son-in-law. Everyone feeds Kiran. Kiran says you all have to feed a lot. Akshay laughs and says that you will get a lot of food and love in this house. Vaibhu and Vijay came. Janki says I will do all rituals. Manoj said confidently.

Rahul comes to Molly. She says I am planning marriage, don’t disturb me. He says good, I will do Indian wedding too, you plan too. She says no, let others do it. He says you are my friend, you have to do this. Jyoti comes. Rahul asks Swara to give juice. She says this is for Karan, come. Molly asks Jyoti not to talk about Rahul. She says Rahul doesn’t love me, he has a gf. Jyoti says let it be, he will love only you.

Hari says we have called pandit to get marriage date. Janki says yes, we will stop today. They all smiled. Manisha and Karan are stopped. Everyone dances to Mahi V’s song. Rahul’s GF comes home. Mauli imagines dancing with Rahul on Sab Tera song. Jyoti prays for Molly. The girl dances with everyone. She calls Rahul. He hugs her.

Hari says I think she is Rahul’s friend. Rati says we are meeting after long time. Rahul says you have not changed, you always give surprises. She says you have become more cute. Vijay says nice to see you, Rati. Rati hugs Vijay and Tanvi. Rati says I am always excited to come here. She takes their blessings. Rati says I watered your plants and did Tulsi pooja too. Tanvi thanked. She says you are bad for me. Vijay introduces Rati and says her father is my good friend and my business partner. Rahul said, Mehendiwala welcome home. He lets her meet everyone. Rati hugged the little one. Janki says what is she doing. Hari says this may be London’s way of greeting. She says I don’t like all this. Molly says I find her nice and cute.

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