Mehndi Wala Ghar 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar 19th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mehndi Wala Ghar 19 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The scene unfolds with Manoj in tears, deep in prayer. He expresses understanding towards Mauli’s decision to keep something from him. Janki steps in, asserting her determination to salvage Mauli and Manas’ marriage by urging them to participate in the puja. She comforts Manoj, who tearfully grasps her hand, pleading for her not to leave him. He acknowledges his wrongdoing, admitting that while Manas mistreated Mauli, forgiveness must also prevail. Janki offers to speak with Manas, aiming to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, Mauli struggles with her mangalsutra tangled in her hair, as Rahul advises her to break free from the symbolic tie that binds her to Manas. He encourages her to move forward, emphasizing that she and Manas no longer share a meaningful relationship. Despite her desire to break away, Mauli hesitates, unable to disclose the truth to Manoj.

Janki queries Manoj about Mauli’s meeting with Manas, only to learn that Manas is absent from their Mumbai residence, having unexpectedly traveled to Ujjain with Aashna. Janki grows suspicious of Rahul’s presence in Mumbai and offers prayers for guidance.

Elsewhere, Rahul assists Mauli, but their interaction is interrupted by thugs attempting to steal her bag. In a scuffle, Rahul defends Mauli and advises her to relinquish the mangalsutra, symbolizing her liberation from the past. As the police arrive, the thugs flee, leaving Mauli to tend to Rahul’s injured hand.

Later, Janki arranges for a puja, while tensions rise within the family regarding Mauli’s status. Akshay confronts Mauli, demanding she leave as her relationship with Manas has ended. Shocked by the revelation, Mauli is expelled from the household. Manoj, however, stands by her, asserting her place as his daughter before being his daughter-in-law.

In a heated exchange, accusations fly, with Vijay blaming Manoj for orchestrating Mauli’s misfortune. Despite the turmoil, Manoj defends Mauli’s honor, acknowledging her sacrifices. Vijay, however, praises Rahul for his intervention, highlighting Manas’ failure to support Mauli.

Ultimately, the family rift deepens as Akshay vehemently rejects Mauli, while Manoj stands firm in his support for her.

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