Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 1st May 2024 Written Eapisode Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Sujiri telling Sachi everything. Sachi thinks Shivam was thanking me for this help, he thinks I saved his life. She says Shivam was making fun of you, but you have to help him, wow. Sujiri says you shouldn’t form an opinion so quickly, it might not be that bad, you should help enemies too. Sachi says yes, he is not that bad. Shivam comes and says thanks…. Sujiri smiled. Sachi takes her to Sangeet.

Chacha ji says I am asking for your well being, I asked you to have fruits and snacks to eat, Nalini gets nervous when you don’t answer her call. Nalini says yes. He gets food. She feeds Shivam. Sharad comes and makes fun of Shivam. He calls her a child. Shivam says I will eat the food myself. Sharad says I will have to eat from my hand, ok, I will eat. Nalini gets a piece of cloth stuck on Shivam’s sherwani. She smiles. Ai asks how was the marriage, was it true and did you have fun. Sujiri says yes nothing you go to sleep. She thinks about Shivam and gets lost. Shivam takes Reva with him. Nalini sees and smiles. Shivam tells a story to Reva. He imagines Sachi and smiles. He looks at his phone. He gives a message to Sachi. Sujiri received a thank you message. They have gossip.

In the morning, Anjali speaks to someone on call. She says meet me in cafe, I miss you. Bua ji comes there. Sachi checks her clothes. Sujiri comes. Sachi says I want retro clothes, I have all modern clothes. Sujiri suggests a combination to him. Sachi says no, what should I do, I don’t understand. Sujiri asks how do you like my clothes, tell me. Retro says Saatchi. Sujiri asks do you want my clothes for the audition? Sachi says yes. She asks Sujiri to wear her dress. Sujiri asked which dress is this? Sachi gives her maxi dress to Sujiri. They exchange their clothes. Shivam says I felt love is a small feeling, what is happening to me. They write their feelings for Sachi. Sharad took the tab from her hand. Shivam runs after her. Sharad says I want to know who is that girl? Shivam says no. Sharad says its confirmed, this girl’s name is Sachi. Shivam smiled. He talks about the truth. He writes poetry. Sharad says you are romantic, I am happy to see emotions in you. Shivam hugs her.

Buaji comes to Ajay and says Anjali is having an affair with someone, she is not divorced yet, she is going out with a guy, I heard. Ajay says go and tell Nalini, ask her to pay attention to her daughter. Bua ji says you are the owner of this house, family honor will be lost. Nalini asked what happened? Bua ji says Anjali is having an affair with someone. Nalini was shocked. Sujiri wears Sachi’s dress. Sachi asked how I am looking. She admires Sujiri. Preeti comes and sees them. Sachi says I have an audition, I don’t have retro clothes, I have taken Sujiri’s dress. Preeti sent Sachi. She scolds Sujiri.

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