Mangal Lakshmi 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Mangal Lakshmi 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mangal Lakshmi 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1
Kusum says the bond is fixed, now Lakshmi is ours and Karthik is yours. Mangal says today is the happiest day of my life. She puts Lashmi’s hand in Karthik’s. Mangl says I never thought Lakshmi would marry Karthik. She cries. Adit says why are you crying now. All your dreams came true today. He hugs Karthik. He says congrats brother, finally you’re tied today. Papa says that’s the purest bond, not a tie. Adit says I was joking. I think Karthik got lucky he got Lakshmi as a life partner. Mangal was his favorite bhabhi, so he got a wife like her. They are both like each other. Kusum says you’re right. Adit asks when this love story started. From our house’s greh parvesh? Don’t be shy. Karthik is silent. Adit says you’re silent like we caught you red-handed. Bhushan says Adit is very happy today. Adit says yes, let’s take a family photo. Sonu takes their photo. Karthik leaves. Everyone is confused. Kusum says where is he going? Mangal says what happened? Gayatri says he’s tired. We should go home now. They leave. Mangal is confused. Shanti says something is wrong for sure.

Scene 2
Karthik drives his car very fast. He sees a baba who tells him and Jiya they won’t be together for long. Jiya got upset. Baba ji said this is the truth. Jiya said he’s fake baba. He’s lying. Karthik asked her to calm down. He said no one can part us. Karthik stops the Baba ji. He says I am sure you didn’t recognize me. Baba says I do. You didn’t trust me adn asked the girl to not trust me that day. I can see the face and remember it for life. What do you want now? He asks please tell me if I will be away from her? Please tell me. Baba says your life is controlled by some people like a kite. Your time coming will be very bad. You will lose everything. Karthik asks what do you mean? He says until you take control of your life in your hands, you will be treated like a puppet. Learn to trust yourself. God’s time will come when you bring it. Karthik says I can’t lose my love. Baba says time will clean everything. You will see someone who will bring real love into your life. Karthik asks will I get Jiya back? He leaves. Karthik says Jiya is my love, she will come back to me. I know that’s what he meant. I can’t marry anyone else.

Shanti says Karthik left without saying anything. Is everything okay? Lipika says he didn’t look happy. Something is wrong for sure. Adit says Karthik is ready to marry, otherwise he would have said no. He’s an artist, he has a lot on his plate and superstars are moody. You can’t force him. He agreed that’s why he was here. Shanti says he was silent. Adit says he brought the shagun himself. Karthik got a girl like Lakshmi. He got lucky. Why would he not be happy and not like her? Tell me one reason. She’s so well-mannered and homely. Mangal says you’re right and Karthik says he likes her. Adit says see. Why would he say no to Lakshmi, stop doubting,   and prepare for the wedding? Adit says to Magnal you can stay here if you want. Adit leaves. Lipika says everything was so weird. Karthik left and so did his family. I feel like Karthik doesn’t want to do this wedding. Bhushan says to stop using your brain. Lipika says Mom is right, Lakshmi’s fate is cursed, and it can’t change.

Scene 3
Gayatri comes home. She comes to Karthik. Kusum is with her. Karthik’s dad asks are you okay? Kusum asks what everyone thinks. Why did you come back like this? Gayatri says answerr us. He says maa you were not ready to listen to me. What else would I do? I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Kusum says what did you want to say? Gayatri says I told you we’d talk after the rasam. He says I wanted to talk before the rassam. Kusum asks what do you mean?. Shouldn’t we have done this rasam? Gayatri says what do you mean? Everything happened with his happiness. Karthik says no it didn’t. Gayatri is cooked. Karthik says who told you I want to marry Lakshmi. You should have asked me once. Gayatri says you like her, don’t you?. He says don’t like her for marriage, I don’t love her. Who told you I want to marry her? Gayatri says you gave her shagun. We did rasam after that. Giving shagun is being ready for the wedding. Karthik says I wanted to give her a gift, not shagun. I don’t wanna marry Lakshmi at all. Everyone is shocked.

Mangal prays for Lakshmi. She does arti. Shanti says you can’t see her fate on leaves. Mangal picks one of the leaves. Kusum says what would we tell them now? that we gave shagun but we made a joke out of it? Nidhi says if Karthik doesn’t want just tell them he doesn’t want to and clear te misunderstanding. Kusum says don’t speak in elder matters. You’re a kid. Karthik says can I speak? it’s about my marriage. I won’t marry Lakshmi. Kusum says, Gayatri. See what he’s saying. She says I will be so ashamed in front of their family. Should I ask them to forget about all this? Karthik’s dad says she’s right. How can we say no now? We did the rasam. You didn’t say anything there and now you’re saying all this. Karthik says I kept telling maa to talk to me but she shut me off. And Shanti kept calling Lakshmi cursed, everyone thought me marrying her would help her. How could I say no there? It would have hurt her. Kusum laughs. She says wow he cares so much about her being hurt, wouldn’t she be hurt and defamed now? I cant back out from the word I gave. Marriage is between two families. Two families’ respect is at stake. Everyoen would make fun of us. They will all spit on the girl’s family. They will talk about Lakshmi, I can’t let this happen to her even if you don’t like her. You will have to marry Lakshmi. Karthik says mausi ji, please. I can’t do this. I love someone else, how can I marry Lakshmi? This is a deceit for her. She should know the truth. Otherwise, she will blame me. Kusum says don’t pose me as wrong. You’re the one wrong here. Tell me if you accept my and your mom’s decision or not? He says no. I don’t accept this.

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