Mangal Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Mangal Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mangal Lakshmi Doriyaan 26 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1:

Adit: Have you seen how girls style themselves these days? Your hair looks like a mess. How dare you show up in front of my friends looking like this? And this outfit, it makes you look like a servant. What sets you apart from them? You embarrassed me in front of my friends by revealing your lack of education. Why did you have to admit you don’t speak English? Couldn’t you just stay quiet? And couldn’t you have at least gone to the salon to fix your face for today? It was an important day for me.
Mangal: *cries*
Adit: Why didn’t you go to Salom?
Mangal: I had some work.
Adit: What work? Somiya is taking care of everything. What were you supposed to do? Just welcome the guests. Look at yourself. Even a waiter looks more presentable than you.
Mangal: *cries*
Adit: How can I introduce you to my friends or have you stand next to me? Are you even worthy? You only bring embarrassment to me. I’m tired of it.
Mangal: I was taking care of the food.
Adit: Are you even capable of that? Somiya was handling it. You always find excuses to show how inadequate you are. All women manage the kitchen. Working women are smart and well-dressed, they have a lot to do. And here you are, at home all day, but can’t spare time to fix your appearance. I can’t take you anywhere. You make a joke out of me. My friends are laughing at me right now because of you. Do you realize that? You’re clueless. I feel like I married an old woman. I’ve been trying to maintain my image for years, but you ruined it. I regret having this housewarming party or even marrying you.
Mangal: *apologetic* I’m sorry.
Adit: I’m sorry too, why did I even marry you?
Mangal: *cries*
Adit: I wish I hadn’t married you. I know you’ll never change. If I had married someone else, she would have adapted to my ways.
Mangal: I don’t like this either, I feel terrible.
Adit: You feel bad? I’m embarrassed because of you. I can’t take you in front of anyone.
Mangal: *cries*
Adit: Where are the bangles?
Mangal: They’re outside.
Adit: *angrily* Who put them on like this? *shouts*
Mangal: I thought I’d wear them after cooking.
Adit: What’s wrong with you? Did you think people would say you don’t have any jewelry and I bought this house or sold it for the house? Do you wear them every day? What’s the point of not wearing them today?
Mangal: You’re misunderstanding me. I’m losing my mind because of you.
Adit: *frustrated* Please, I beg you, come downstairs looking presentable. I wish I hadn’t married you and hadn’t listened to my mom. It was the worst decision of my life. *kicks things*

(Someone knocks at the door)
Adit: Who is it?
Ishana: Grandma is calling you downstairs.
Adit: I’m coming. *grabs Mangal’s face* Only come downstairs if you look like my wife, otherwise, don’t come at all. I’ll handle everything. *leaves*
Mangal: *cries in her room*

Scene 2:

Lippika: Shanti, you ruined my selfie.
Shanti: You’re worthless. Look at Lakshmi, she’s living her life.
Lakshmi: *to Akshar* Where is Mangal?
Akshar: I don’t know.
Shanti: She’s wearing such an expensive necklace. She’s trapped them all. You can’t do anything.
Lakshmi: *worried* Where is Mangal?
Shanti: Lippika, go make lemonade for everyone.

Shanti: *to Gaitri and Karthik* It’s so hot, something cold would be nice.
Kusum: Let’s start the ceremony.
Shanti: Let’s wait a bit.
Kusum: We’re running late.
(Lippika comes with the lemonade later and drops the glasses)
Kusum: Let’s start the ceremony.
Pandit Ji: You all have to enter the house with your right foot. First, the daughter-in-law of the house will enter.
Kusum: *looking around* Where is Mangal?
Somiya: Adit, I was calling you.
Adit: Not now, Somiya, everyone is here.
Kusum: Adit, where is Mangal? Come forward.
Kusum: Lakshmi, where is Mangal?
Adit: I don’t know.
Lakshmi: Let me look around.
Kusum: Hurry up.

(Lakshmi finds Mangal crying in a corner)
Lakshmi: Didi, are you okay? Why are you sitting like this? Is everything alright?
Mangal: Everyone must be calling for me. I’ve just been sitting here. I’m such a fool. I should go. There’s so much going on. I might mess something up again. I need to do something. Let’s go.
Lakshmi: Is everyone okay? What happened?
Mangal: We need to go downstairs.
Lakshmi: First, tell me what happened.

(Adit takes Somiya aside)
Adit: What’s wrong? Someone might see us.
Somiya: It’s an emergency. You’re not listening to me. The food isn’t coming. They’re saying we gave them the wrong date. They can’t deliver today.
Adit recalls insulting Mangal.

Mangal: How can I go outside like this? My hair looks terrible. I look awful. How can I face people with this appearance? Have you seen how well other girls dress up these days? I don’t know anything about styling. Should I put on some perfume? Do I smell bad? Let me fix my face. Does this saree look alright? *cries* I look like a 50-year-old woman. Adit must be ashamed to stand next to me. *cries* I look like a servant. Look at this saree I’m wearing. It looks so bad. I look so ugly. I don’t know how to dress up. No color suits me. *cries* I should have worn some jewelry. I’m so stupid, I went in front of the guests like this, with my hair all messed up and sweating. I didn’t realize the importance of Adit’s image. *cries*
Lakshmi: No, didi, you look very nice. *comforts Mangal*
Mangal: *panics* I still don’t look good. I’m so ugly. Who would believe I’m a senior manager’s wife? How can Adit stand next to me? He must be so ashamed. He’s right. I’m not worthy of him at all.
Lakshmi: What are you saying? Why are you talking like this? Please,

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