Mangal Lakshmi 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Mangal Lakshmi 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Mangal Lakshmi 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1
Mangal teases Kartik. She removes his beard. He says how do you know it is me? She says you don’t know the difference between vegetables. He says I wanted you to forgive me. He says I am sorry. Tuesday laughed. He says I just want to see you smile. Buaji did it all. She says that what happened was not right. He says I want to fix it. She says let’s go home.

Sonu brings tea for Lakshmi. Sonu says your aunt keeps insulting you. I get angry. He keeps defaming you. Who will marry you? She says it’s fine if people don’t. Mangal makes tea for Kartik. Kartik says you forgive so easily but Lakshmi remains angry. She says no her heart melts fast. Kartik asks what does she like? She says no one has ever asked her what she likes. Hay says she misses her childhood. Mangal says that she loved sarees. She likes bangles. He had many dreams. Kartik asks about his favorite color. She says red. Kartik says ok. Don’t tell him. Kulsoom heard him. She calls Gayatri. Kasam says I am very happy. Gayatri says I knew she will handle everything. Kasam says she was trying to know what Lakshmi likes. Gayatri says we should also prepare for marriage. She says everyone should go to Lakshmi’s house.

Lakshmi calls Mangal. A child comes and asks Lakshmi to come with me. She says Bhya asked you to come to bar. Sonu says it is Nitin. Sonu says let’s beat him with baton. The kid tells Sonu that it is Kartik. Sonu says then I should not go. He asks Lakshmi to go.

Scene 2
Gayatri’s daughter and husband come home. He is happy to see her. He says Vidhi’s eczema is over so we came here. Gayatri says I have to take you somewhere. He agrees.

Lakshmi comes to the garden. She sees the gifts, the petals are written with forgiveness Lakshmi. Lakshmi says come in front of me. Kartik tells son that he is wrong. Lakshmi completed the ghazal. Lakshmi says these are the next lyrics. He says how do you know what was next? It was the perfect tune. I found this song written on a piece of paper. She says I have written. This was my paper. Karti says shocked. He says do you write songs? She says yes. He says never told me. You are very talented. I was looking for the person who wrote this song. He says your poem touched my heart. He says you write very well. Lakshmi says I write only when I am bored. He says you will rock the world. He says you thought we are different but we are same. I respect you a lot. I know how sensitive you are. She says you have many fans, money and education. We cannot be the same. They say money doesn’t define talent, we are both equal. You write the songs and I sing the songs. We are a perfect pair. She says do I believe? He says yes. This is what I believe. He says I respect you a lot. I know how much you respect your elders. They say Sanjana did all that happened yesterday. He thought I like a modern girl like my friends so he tried to turn you into all of them. He called these girls. I had no idea. I would have stopped it. You don’t have to wear these clothes. I am sorry. You feel bad for the right reasons. I had no reason to change you. You should never change for anyone. I can’t even think about it. forgive me. She says you don’t need to say sorry. He says I am sorry. I also apologized to Tuesday. He told me what you like. will you forgive me Mangal says I do. She says I am not angry with you. They say I am feeling much better now.

Tuesday is called Lakshmi. He asks is Kartik with you? Lakshmi says yes. Mangal says go home with him. Everyone is coming there. Lakshmi says Mangal is calling us to his place. He gives her gifts.

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