Lakshmi Narayan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi Narayan 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Lakshmi Narayan Doriyaan 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

Narayan tells Hayagriva that Lakshmi is won by good deeds but it is only about her blessings, you cannot become Narayan by your deeds and no one can separate Lakshmi and Narayan. Everyone chants for him. Mahadev says that it is a sin to look at someone who already belongs to someone. Hayagrev says I want justice, everyone should have right to win Lakshmi, if he really deserves it then he should fight me. Lakshmi says you want a match to see if he is really worthy of me. Well, there will be a contest and I will settle the details. Narayan nodded at him. Lakshmi says I should get protection and Narayan did it, he saved me from Anasura, he saved my land. He has completed me. I will give Hayagriva a chance. She asks Narayan to give up his sudarshan chakra, he brings her there. Lakshmi says my bet is for Hayagriva to get it, and prove his prowess and strength by getting it. Hayagriva says I only wanted this. Lakshmi starts chanting for Narayan and Mahadev tells Hayagriva that if he wins, he will make him necklace Lakshmi. Rishi tried to stop him but Hayagrivu said if you can’t root for me then shut up. He brings his weapon to get chakra, he says my weapon will destroy him. He attacks Chakra but it does nothing. He keeps trying but his weapon breaks. Hayagriva says my powers are not limited to her, he brings another weapon and says Lakshmi will be mine. He attacks Chakra again but nothing happens. Lakshmi continues chanting for Narayana and Hayagriva collapses. He shouts angrily. Narayan says if anyone wants to challenge Lakshmi’s choice, come forward. Rishi asks Hayagriva to apologize to Narayan. Mahadev says Hayagriva missed his chance and this proves that only Narayana deserves Lakshmi and she will be his only. Narayan withdraws his chakra. Lakshmi says that the whole universe should know that Lakshmi and Narayan are meant for each other. Hayagriva says I don’t agree, I will show something this universe has never seen, I will show that Lakshmi can be won even by cheating, I will take away Lakshmi from Narayan. Narayan gets angry and says enough is enough.. you should be punished for this. Rishi apologizes on his behalf. Lakshmi says she shouldn’t insult women, she will lose everything that way. Hayagrev smiles and says I am going now but I will prove that Lakshmi can be won by making evil plans, she will be mine, Rishi drags her away.

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