Lakshmi Narayan 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi Narayan 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Lakshmi Narayan Doriyaan 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Scene 1

The gods tell Lakshmi and Narayan that their couple is a boon to the earth. Narayan gives Vidhu to Mahadev but he asks you to keep it somewhere safe and no one can steal it again. Haar reaches there and says we have to keep it where no one has any bad thoughts, a place where bad energies can’t reach. Narayan nodded. Haar says Narayan and Lakshmi deserve to keep her somewhere safe. All the gods agree.

Hayagriva is angry and says I wanted to poison them. Kadru comes there and says my sons poison had no power in front of Lakshmi and Narayan, they are made for each other and no one can bring them down. Hayagriv says I am going to finish Narayan. Kadru says there is still time to get on the right track before you finish your work. Hayagriva says I don’t need your advice, I will do what I want.

Narayan tells Lakshmi that we have to find the right place for Vidhu. He says your safety is important for me. Lakshmi asks what can be the place where there is no bad thought? Narayan says we have to give some answer to find this place. He starts thinking.

Scene 2

On Earth, some brothers start fighting because one brother steals money from his brother. The two of them fight in the market while everyone else watches.

Narayan and Lakshmi find people fighting. Lakshmi asks why are they here? Narayan takes a human avatar and says we will find the answer here. Lakshmi also transforms into human form. They both smiled at each other. The brothers are fighting but Narayan and Lakshmi reach there. Narayan tells them to think about your relationship with each other, you should fight a fair fight and find a place where you can win so much money if you fight. Brother asks where is that place? Narayan asked who wants to go there? They both argue but Narayan says you both can come. They go with them.

Hayagriva makes the final riot of Anasura and says that my fire of vengeance will not die now. Rishi tells him to stop following the evil path. Hayagriva says you start preparing for my marriage with Lakshmi, he leaves. Rishi says this is wrong. Aditi asks him to let him fight his battle with Narayan.

Bhai is going with Narayan and Lakshmi. They both dream of becoming rich. Narayan brings them to a place which is a shrine. The brothers realize their mistakes. They apologize to each other and say that there is no wealth greater than my love. Narayan says that wealth can give you peace, so why don’t you want it? Bhai says peace is with my family and brother, I don’t need anything else. Narayan smiles and says we have found our place. They assume the form of their Lord. The brothers fell on their knees and apologized to him for being greedy. Narayan says what do they want? They pray for loyalty and peace. Narayan says that this place destroys all bad thoughts. Narayan says this is where we can keep Vidhu and you can stay here to be safe. This place will be called Vikant.

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