Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kundali Bhagya 3 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Shaurya is sitting when Nidhi comes with Arohi, he asks why did she come here so late at night so Nidhi replies she knows he does not like to eat from the outside, Shaurya says she came here to feed him and knows this is a police station, he does not want his mom to be seen here so he does not want to eat any food, Nidhi says even no one in the house cares for her emotions but she came here and even he is asking her to leave, she asks if he knows what is going on when Shaurya got furious when someone fought with his father so went to Anshuman. Nidhi says his Dad is worried for Rajveer while Shaurya is angry so what can she do about it as no one cares for her emotions, Shaurya replies he was saying something else and she is thinking wrong, she replies she is not wrong but Shaurya replies he is not hungry at all and she must take the tiffin back home. Nidhi asks if she would be relaxed thinking her Shaurya is hungry, he replies it is not like that when Nidhi says she does not know anything so Shaurya agrees that she can feed him, she says that he does not get time to think about anything else in the lock up but just how he can get out, Nidhi assures he will surely be freed from this prison when she wil help him and his father only cares for Rajveer and his aunt while she just has Shaurya so she says she loves him, Nidhi is feeding Shaurya with his own hands.

Mahesh says to Rakhi he cannot understand as Nidhi has made a big fuss of such a small thing, Rakhi agrees saying she cannot understand it when Mahesh wonders what has happened, Rakhi replies she feels this is the mother inside Nidhi doing it, Mahesh cannot understand, Rakhi explains Nidhi loves Shaurya a lot and she is thinking they give a lot of preference to Rajveer while ignoring Shaurya which Nidhi has even said in front of Shauyra, Mahesh replies it is wrong explaining he has seen how Karan has fought with Anshuman for the sake of Shauyra, Mahesh wonders who would tell Nidhi so asks either Rakhi should convince Nidhi or he will talk explaining Karan cannot be partial. Karina entering the room says Mahesh is wrong as the two children should not be the same because Rajveer is not the son of karan and he should focus on Shaurya, Karina does agree with Nidhi explaining Karan went to the hospital instead of the police station. Rakhi asks Karina to not feel bad about it saying she should understand the problem, Karina asks what is Rakhi saying that she is reacting without thinking, Rakhi replies that Karina just thinks what she desires and is feeling bad for what others say so she should see things with her own point of view, Karina replies she is behaving after seeing it from her own eyes, Rakhi replies that she is understanding everything and Karina di is behaving just like Nidhi by following her thinking, Rakhi asks if what Nidhi did was right as she threw Preeta out of the house, asking who gave her the right when the elders of the house are present, Rakhi asks if this was right, Mahesh also agrees with Rakhi so Karina says she is not surprised as she would say whatever Rakhi says, Mahesh replies that Karina should not talk in this manner with him because he does not like it, Karina replies Preeta has not even stepped foot in the house but the drama has started so Karina leaves angrily, Rakhi asks Mahesh to tell how they can sort out this matter.

Gurpreet opens the door to see Rajveer with Palki and Karan who helps him sit on the couch, Mohit says he is glad that Karan dropped him inside the house so he can leave while they can manage everything, Karan asks Palki to take care of Rajveer as he has just been discharged from the hospital but is not fine, Rajveer gets up but is about to fall when Karan him son, they both start looking at each other thinking of how they both were always present there to help each other, karan says he told him there is weakness so he can take him but Rajveer replies he can go by himself, karan says he is not asking so Rajveer says he does not need any support, karan replies Rajveer is himself the support and he does not want the support of others, karan says sometimes those who are strangers tend to become their biggest support, Palki tells Rajveer to let Karan sir help him, Rajveer agrees so Karan and Mohit take him into the room.

Arohi tells Nidhi that she should make her command on the Luthra’s like this so she starts walking out then sees Karina Bua coming, Nidhi informs that Karina is on their side when Arohi explains that Karina Bua is very smart and never says anything without a reason. Karina enters the room when Nidhi immediately starts apologizing so Karina questions what has happened, Nidhi explains even she wanted that the treatment of Bani Dadi should happen first but she gets angry after seeing Preeta. Karina replies she knows that Nidhi thinks good about her family, Karina explains Nidhi is bold just like her but Preeta is very manipulative who started saying she wants to perform the treatment of Bani Dadi which made their family emotional so they agreed to her, Karina says Nidhi does not know how to express her feelings for others, Nidhi asks Karina if the family has faced any problem due to her but ever since Preeta came tot his house then they have been suffering one storm after another, Nidhi further says karan is not even trying to help Shaurya while Rjaveer got this status due to Preeta. Karina asks Nidhi to never apologize as there is no problem in being selfish for their relations, Nidhi says she is right about it so Karina mentions she came to warn her because Preeta has set foot in this house and the problems have already started because preeta with her sweet tongue convince everyone so Nidhi should be ready for war, Nidhi asks Karina to not be stressed as she is ready for all the war and promises to win this fight, assuring only she will be the winner but first they have to bring Shaurya back home, Nidhi says she will ask if Karan has done something to free Shaurya.

Karan is helping Rajveer sit on the bed and asks him to put his feet, Gurpreet asks palki to make tea for karan so he says he is okay, Rajveer wishes bye to karan after saying he is glad Karan dropped him. Preeta gets excited seeing Rajveer on the bed so says now the house feels good, she asks about his health when he says he is fine. Karan asks Preeta to take care of Rajveer when he replies he can take care of himself, Palki says Rajveer got himself injured a lot in order to get the attention of the family but he should know they all care a lot for him so he should not do anything of the sort. Karan gets the call from Nidhi who asks where is he at the moment, Karan says he came to drop Rajveer at the house when Nidhi asks what about Shaurya, karan replies he was just waiting for the call of the lawyer and so he ends the call. Nidhi informs Karina Bua that karan is in the house of Preeta. Karan going to preeta says the medicine of Rajveer would arrive very soon, she asks him to go and care for his own family members.

Palki tells Rajveer he should not talk like this with karan sir when someone cares for him then they should be nice, Rajveer asks what did he do when Palki informs he came to drop Rajveer at the home, Rajveer gets furious hearing it and so even Mohit informs Karan sir is a nice person who has done a lot of good things, Rajveer replies even he has done a lot of good things and if Karan came to drop him then he did not do anything worthy of praise, he says he took the bullet meant for karan. Palki asks Rajveer to calm down explaining Karan sir donated him blood twice in the hospital when Rajveer gets up to leave the room.

Karan asks Preeta why is she talking in this manner, Preeta replies she said what she meant and so asked Karan why did he not go to the police station for his own son Shaurya, Rajveer comes out with Palki, Gurpreet and Mohit when Preeta says that Rajveer got attacked while trying to save Karan but then in the hospital the criminals attacked them again and were even able to over power Karan but then Shaurya came and saved them both, but in his frustration he went after them and found out that Anshuman Panday sent them but he was framed and sent to the police station. Karan asks Preeta if she can say which eye she loves more, Preeta asks what sort of a question is this when Karan says both Rajveer and Shaurya are his eyes and he loves them both the same so she should never question him, he says that he has hired the biggest lawyer for Shaurya who has gone to get the papers from the judge which he cannot get as a common man. Karan asks Preeta to never say it to him again as he is also a human and feels bad, he leaves with a heavy heart. Preeta turns to see the entire family standing, Rajveer is emotional

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