Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kundali Bhagya 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Preeta says she has a connection from her heart with Bani Dadi, Nidhi starts taunting her saying they donot know that Bani Dadi needs treatment and they donot look at her, preeta says she does not know why is Nidhi thinking that she wants to prove she cares more then them when she knows they all love each other a lot, she says she had already went and sent Varsha but then she met Varsha at the hospital who told her that Dadi is still in a lot of pain and so she came here, Preeta requests for ten minutes with Dadi saying she will leave after performing the treatment as she prefers after which she will not come back. Bani Dadi says it is a very strange situation when even her own daughter is worried about who will perform the treatment and not when it will happen, she says the ego of her own family members are a lot more but this mad girl comes even when she is humiliated and asks if they all have just asked her, Karina requests her to not cry assuring she will bring the best therapist for her, Nidhi also sitting says she can call anyone when Bani Dadi informs only Preeta is going to perform her treatment saying if anyone has the problem then can come to her room after the treatment, she leaves with Kritika and Preeta. Karina angrily turns to Rakhi who walks away without saying anything, Arohi asks Nidhi if a lot has happened saying it is very insulting.

Karan is very worried when he asks his Dad what was he doing at the house of Anshuman saying he was indirectly trying to own them but asks what has happened since he is the his father, karan vows to teach him a lesson when Mahesh angrily questions what would he have done saying both the father and son are same, Mahesh asks if karan knows how is Anshuman Panday explaining a father has to hold his hands when they go to save the children, he explains the children are the support of the parents in their old age and they have to bear it, Karan says Shaurya has always been furious but what has happened to karan, he asks what got into him when karan says Mahesh should not have hold his hands in front of Anshuman Panday, Mahesh says they have to work with the moment and not be aggressive, Karan still says that he should not have hold his hands together in front of Anshuman Panday, Mahesh apologizes saying he knows he has done something which has angered him but Shaurya is his Grandson and the parents have to bow for their children, Mahesh hugs karan again explaining children tend to make a lot of mistakes in the life’s while it is the duty of the parents to hold them up, saying that parents sometimes do the things which is the need of their children so he requests Karan to calm down when Karan says till he is present then Mahesh is not going to hold his hands in front off anyone, he explains Mahesh will not hold his hands in front of anyone assuring he will do anything he can to free Shaurya. Karan says Mahesh is his hero and they are born to do big things so can he bear it but would beat the person who thinks his father would hold his hands. Mahesh and karan hug each other when the lawyer enters the office after knocking so karan welcomes him, the lawyer says that he has gotten the footage using his sources, he asks both karan and Mahesh to himself see what happened there and they notice that Shaurya was trying to attack Anshuman when the lawyer says that the actions of Shaurya accidentally match the statement of Anshuman, Mahesh says he does not expect this from Mr Malkhani as even the killers get free, Karan says that Mr Malkhani knows the law and he just wants Shaurya to be released from police custody for which he is willing to pay as much money as is needed so asks if Mr Malkhani can do it who says he will try his best.

Rakhi helps Bani Dadi sit on the bed when she says that she is glad Preeta fought for her so preeta says she is the medicine for Bani Dadi, Preeta asks her to just rest as she is about to start the exercise when Rakhi praises Preeta for all that she is doing saying she gets all the happiness in the world. Kritika also says that she is joyed that Preeta loves and cares so much for their family. Preeta replies she actually feels as if they are her own family, ever since she came to this house she has felt a connection with everyone and she never felt it was a new relation. Preeta says she feels that neither this city nor this house or they all are new especially with Bani Dadi. She feels she was called by Bhagwan so she can meet them all and when Dadi told her that she needed her then she could not stop herself so she knew she had to come and help her, without even listening to Bhagwan. Preeta says sometimes in life such relations are formed for which a person can do anything so Bani Dadi should think she has the same relation, she will come whenever Bani Dadi calls her.

Nidhi says she is not saying that but has been witnessing it for so long how Rakhi mom always prefers to support Preeta and Karina Bua saw what happened when Karina says she is not saying what Bhabhi said was wrong but she just desired that the treatment of mom happens as quickly as possible explaining that whenever they go to the doctor then desire that they should be treated, Karina informs they cannot deny that Preeta is a good therapist as Rakhi Bhabhi was calling the doctor Preeta to the house, Arohi asks Karina to think that Preeta is still coming into the house and Nidhi does not want to take the stress which she gets after seeing Preeta, Karina says Arohi is wrong because even she gets stressed seeing Preeta so what is the problem with Nidhi when she assured she would support her, Nidhi replies even Rakhi mom was supporting her when Karina replies they should let bygons be bygons so asks her to stop crying explaining she will always support Nidhi over Preeta. Nidhi replies she knows Karina Bua will always support her but she cannot let Preeta come near the family and if Preeta does this next time then she will not be able to stop herself so does not have any idea what she will do, Karina gets worried.

Preeta is walking when Nidhi and Arohi coming from behind asks if she is not going to soon when Preeta replies she has some work, Arohi says Nidhi was taunting her and should she not have gone very soon, Nidhi says what did Preeta say she just needs ten minutes but it has been five hours meaning it is three hundred minutes, Preeta replies she knows she just said for ten minutes but the treatment of Bani Dadi needed a lot of time, Nidhi replies Preeta was just spending time here and is going since it is night, Arohi says that even guests are not like her who donot leave once they are invited. Preeta asks what is the problem if she comes to this house, Nidhi and Arohi are shocked when Preeta gets a call from Karan, Nidhi asks her to answer the call but says if she does not want to answer it then says whenever Preeta comes to this house then she gets a problem when Preeta asks what is the problem, Nidhi says Rajveer is with Karan due to her, Arohi informs this is what is causing her friend to be restless, Nidhi says that Karan has forgotten his own family due to her, Preeta keeps getting the call from Karan which she answers it and asks him to say it, Karan questions why was she not answering his call and then asks if she is mad, she replies it is not the case and what was it, Karan says he wanted to tell her that he talked with the lawyer about Shaurya and then came to meet Rajveer at the hospital, he asks why is she talking in such a low voice and so agrees to it saying she will tlak to him later. Preeta ends the call saying she will talk to them later as now she has to go back to her house, Arohi asks Nidhi to let the trouble leave the house by itself.

Karan goes to Rajveer who thanks him for arranging the discharge saying he will manage everything in the future but they are even going to hire a taxi, Karan says he never asked Rajveer for his suggestion so then opening the door of the car asks him to sit, Karan then closes the door before even asking Palki to sit in the car. Karan smiles while going to sit in the driving seat, Rajveer keeps looking tensed when karan asks Rajveer to wear the seat belt, Rajveer tries but feels pain when Karan agrees to help him so he walks over to the other side, then Rajveer is just thinking of how Karan keeps helping him just like a father, Rajveer is a bit tensed while Palki is smiling.

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