Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kundali Bhagya Doriyaan 25 March 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Preeta expresses her disbelief at Nidhi’s attempted suicide allegedly because of Karan Luthra, asserting that such a scenario couldn’t possibly be true. Meanwhile, Daljeet excuses herself, citing some urgent work, and invites Shanaya to accompany her as they leave, leaving Palki standing alone. Gurpreet notices Preeta’s distress and inquires about it, only to learn from Rajveer that Preeta’s blood pressure has dropped, prompting Gurpreet to insist that Preeta go inside while she prepares some food for her. Gurpreet also instructs Mohit to fetch some fruits for Preeta.

Palki approaches Rajveer, expressing her belief that he did what was necessary and should trust his mother’s ability to maintain relationships. Daljeet returns and questions Palki’s reluctance to come home, prompting Palki to follow suit and leave. Rajveer agrees with Palki, acknowledging his mother’s skill in preserving relationships, even when faced with uncertainties involving Karan Luthra.

Mahesh reassures Karan, who anxiously inquires about Nidhi’s condition. Mahesh assures him that Nidhi will be fine and vows to prevent any harm from befalling her. Concerned about Shaurya’s distress, Karan asks Mahesh about it, prompting Mahesh to reveal his own worries about Karan being imprisoned. Mahesh emphasizes the importance of finding the truth and expresses concern about the potential challenges in obtaining bail if Nidhi’s condition doesn’t improve. Despite the legal hurdles, Karan remains confident in the eventual exoneration of Shaurya, urging Mahesh to stay strong.

Palki enters the house, prompting Daljeet to question her departure. Daljeet asserts that as a doctor, Palki should have understood the situation better. Palki defends her actions, leading to a heated exchange where Daljeet criticizes Rajveer’s status as a mere servant in the Luthra household. Palki defends Rajveer, arguing that his dedication to his work merits respect. However, Daljeet remains adamant about severing Palki’s ties with Rajveer.

Rakhi consoles Bani Dadi, expressing faith in divine intervention amidst their worries. Rakhi assures Bani Dadi that justice will prevail, highlighting Karan’s innocence in the face of baseless accusations. Meanwhile, Daljeet and Shanaya attempt to coerce Palki into opening the door, eventually succeeding when Palki’s elevated heart rate prompts her to comply. Daljeet reacts with anger, slapping Palki for her behavior.

Shaurya pleads with Nidhi to recover, promising to protect her from any harm. Kavya witnesses Shaurya’s emotional plea and empathizes with his anguish. Varun offers support to Kavya, reassuring her that everything will eventually resolve.

Preeta, asleep, is observed by Rajveer, who harbors hopes for her recovery and reflects on the unfortunate events surrounding Nidhi. Preeta awakens, her thoughts consumed by Karan’s prayers for his family’s well-being.

Kavya confides in Varun about her feelings of inadequacy as a daughter and her distress over Nidhi’s condition. Varun comforts her, promising that things will improve.

Meanwhile, Karan, incarcerated, reflects on Nidhi’s hospitalization and the public’s condemnation of him. The constable delivers food to Karan, who initially refuses to eat but eventually relents.

Rajveer, returning home, is puzzled by his mother’s absence. Daljeet insists that Palki should leave the house and confront Rajveer about their relationship. As Rajveer inquires about the situation, an auto arrives, carrying Shanaya’s grandmother, who surprises everyone.

Karan is surprised to find Preeta visiting him in jail. Preeta expresses concern for him and Nidhi, urging Karan to eat. Karan, touched by her care, agrees and begins to eat, reflecting on Preeta’s perception of him. Preeta, flustered, explains her concern for their situation.

As tensions mount and relationships are tested, the characters grapple with their respective dilemmas and strive to navigate through uncertain times.

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