Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kundali Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kundali Bhagya 1 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

Bani Dadi tells Preeta that she is a very nice girl, hearing this Preeta replies she is not that good because she came here after lying so has deceived someone, Bani Dadi says Preeta does not know but Bhagwan has done a lot to her, Bani Dadi remembers when karan told them that preeta does not remember anything of her past, Preeta says Bhagwan has done it for some reason as they all get what they deserve and even when they think they are being cheated upon, but Bhagwan is always doing it for their betterment so Bani Dadi says it takes some time to understand.

Nidhi laughs while sitting on the bed when Arohi comes praising her saying she should do the same thing which she did today, saying she was very worried but now feels Nidhi must behave like this and stick to her decision as Karan got stunned while Preeta left without even arguing, Arohi says Nidhi cannot imagine how much power she has in her hands, Nidhi wonders how did Preeta accept it, Arohi replies Preeta left because she said something very big to her, Nidhi questions what did she say so Arohi mentions she said that she is very scared Nidhi might once again try to commit suicide, Nidhi starts laughing, Arohi informs that Preeta was scared so she had to leave as attempt to commit suicide was not a small thing, Nidhi replies she kept quiet for a few years but is now going to fight or her right, Arohi says she should fight so the one in front of them does not think of it, saying Nidhi must continue her emotional drama and acting of being a nice daughter in law and to gain sympathy which is what she must do, Nidhi says what does Preeta think that she will let her stay with the family as it is not possible so asks how Arohi should see she fights for her right as she would surely get what belongs to her, Arohi says Nidhi should go to Dadi and take care of her because she must feel that only Nidhi takes care of her, so Nidhi exclaims Bani Dadi is the one who can bring Preeta back to the house so she would go and act of being the ideal daughter in law, Nidhi asks Arohi to see how she will make everyone emotional in the Luthra family that even they would not be able to understand anything, Arohi wishes her all the best.

Bani Dadi tells Preeta that it is enough when preeta replies she has to decide so Bani Dadi says the pain a bit sweet but Preeta asks her to not lie as she can see Bani Dadi is in a lot of pain when Bani Dadi says Preeta is still her own even when she is an outsider, preeta asks how can she be both when Bani Dadi says Preeta might not be able to understand somethings but she sometimes feels Preeta is very dear to her at other times she gets angry with her, Preeta says she is a human and they tend to seem nice while at other times look bad, Nidhi thinks she will surely apologize to Dadi for sending Preeta and might even massage her feet, Nidhi is shocked seeing Preeta in the room of Bani Dadi so angrily questions what is she doing here when she was asked to leave, Bani Dadi asks Nidhi to not get angry as Preeta came for her treatment and the pain has really ended, Nidhi says she does not like that Preeta stays with her family so should leave when Preeta requests Nidhi to let her stay for five minutes, Bani Dadi tries to follow them but stops when she feels pain in her feet. Nidhi asks why did Preeta return when she asked her to leave, Preeta pulls her hand away when Nidhi says ever women desires that she should be given importance and Preeta asks what problem does Nidhi have with her, Nidhi replies that preeta is herself the problem and she should leave when Preeta replies that Bani Dadi needs her, Nidhi says any other doctor can come to treat her, Preeta says no one knows her and cannot treat Bani Dadi but Nidhi refuses saying that she has convinced her family members towards her, Nidhi says she wants Preeta to understand that she should leave the house, Preeta says Nidhi is doing it in her ego when Nidhi asks what is Preeta saying that she is not letting the treatment of Bani Dadi so she needs to stay for some time, Nidhi replies that there are a lot of people in the family who can take care of Bani Dadi, Nidhi replies she now both preeta and Rajveer are trying to turn the family members on their side so she wants her to leave, Preeta warns that Nidhi should not turn everything towards Rajveer but Nidhi says she just wants her to leave the house. Karina and Arohi also come when Nidhi says she asked Preeta to leave from here but she came back again asking why does she behave as she is the only one who cares for Bani Dadi, Nidhi explains Preeta left very easily but then why did she return and so calls her a cheater, Nidhi suddenly starts coughing when both Karina and Arohi ask her to sit down, Karina angrily says she does not even want to hear a sound of Preeta because she comes to their house and gives a stupid reason, Karina asks what does Preeta want to prove that she is the only one who cares for Bani Dadi saying she is her mother and this family cane take care of her, Karina warns Preeta to not return to this house asking if she is clear, Preeta notices Rakhi standing on top of the balcony who is emotional.

Bani Dadi sees Kritika going so calling her to the room informs of how Nidhi took Preeta downstairs so she asks Kritika to even take her to the main hall, Kritika starts helping her.

Nidhi questions why is Preeta looking at Rakhi mom while being so emotional when she is her mother in law and would listen to her so asks Karina if she has said anything wrong, Arohi replies that Nidhi is the mother figure and how can she be wrong. Preeta replies she also never said that she has any relation with this family and so only came here for the treatment of Bani Dadi who is ill, she feels that the family members have some relation with her but there is a difference between her feeling and the truth, Preeta requests Nidhi to let her perform the treatment of Bani Dadi, when Nidhi asks if Preeta leaves her self respect back home, Rakhi tries to stop Nidhi who is trying to oust Preeta and pushes her on the main door when Preeta calls Rakhi mom who comes running but Karina asks Rakhi to stand here quietly but Rakhi leaves without listening to anyone and goes to help Preeta stand up. Nidhi asks what is she doing when Rakhi asks Preeta if she is fine and then hugs her tightly. Nidhi says that Rakhi mom cannot do it when Rakhi asks the reason so Nidhi says she is the daughter in law, Rakhi replies she is the daughter in law of this house before her and pointing towards Bani Dadi says is the one who brought her here, Nidhi asks why is Rakhi mom interfering in this matter when it is between her and Preeta, Rakhi says Nidhi should ask this question to herself, she says she is the one who should ask Nidhi as why did she dare behave in such a manner with preeta explaining all the elders of the family are already present and how did Nidhi take such a big step explaining Nidhi made a mistake.

Karina asks why is Rakhi Bhabhi over reacting as she should let them both sort it out, Rakhi replies she has to come in between as if Karina had solved it but apologizes for saying it, explaining the daughters are those who tend to solve the issue but Karina did not do it as she could have stopped Nidhi from behaving in such a manner with Preeta but Karina did not which is why she had to come in between it. Arohi asks what has happened to Rakhi jee as she is arguing with Karina, Rakhi angrily asks if Arohi is the family member of the family then should remain the friend of Nidhi, she should not make her remember who is her daughter in law. Karina says that Rakhi was against Preeta till yesterday but Kritika tries to interfere when Karina says she is the elder and would decide what happens in this house so Kritika should stay away from it. Rakhi says she respects Karina a lot but is not going to listen to her today as she is not doing the right thing, Nidhi asks what has happened to Rakhi mom that she is arguing with Karina Bua saying it is between her and Preeta, Rakhi replies it is between the Luthra family saying when a stranger comes to their house then even they are respected but they are talking about Preeta and everyone she is neither a stranger nor a guest for them. Karina says Rakhi is just confused and does not love Preeta, Rakhi replies she used to love Preeta a lot and still loves her when Karina says she is still making her old mistake again, Nidhi tells Rakhi she has always kept the house together but it is still breaking due to Preeta and this time she would not be able to keep it together again, Rakhi starts thinking of when she asked Preeta to leave and says they were always together and would still remain in the future, as the family was never broken so Nidhi would not have to keep the family together as they all are together, Preeta says she did not know that Rakhi would fight for her but requests her to not do it saying there is no need to fight as she is not a family member then what is her right, when she does not have any relation with anyone and just came as a therapist to treat Bani Dadi which is what she wants to do, Preeta explains she never wanted anyone to find out that she came to treat Bani Dadi explaining Nidhi was right but she feels she can do the treatment of Bani Dadi as if she has done it before and knows her case, so she has a connection with Bani Dadi.

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