Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, Kumkum Bhagya 2 May 2024 Written Update Of Latest Today Episode And Up Coming Stories And Spoilers.

The episode starts with Purivi asking RV, if she likes his cooking. RV nodded. Purvi says you can say, you can move 5 kg head, but 100 gm can’t move the tongue. RV asks her not to feel bad and says you are annoying type, and says he is joking. He says I can’t lose this deal. Purvi says as I know, I wanted to cook and boil for chickpeas, but Monisha. RV says he trusts Monisha, she handles such things. Purvi gets angry and thinks why? RV returns and she bumps into him, he looks at her as she holds him. They look at each other. RV asks are you fine? Purvi goes. Monisha asks the chef if everything is fine. He says he thought all the stuff was here, but there’s nothing here, so nothing can be done here, and asks if he’ll cook at the hotel. Monisha says ok.

Monisha tells Mr. Mehra and his wife that the food is getting ready. Mrs. Mehra tells that she thought Purvi was cooking. Monisha says Purvi just said that, and says chef is cooking and he has called her here for his secret recipe. Yug asks if she knows how to cook. Deepika says you didn’t know, Monisha is a good cook. Harmeen says that her house has become brighter because of Mr. Mehra. Mr. Mehra explains that he met RV twice, and RV said that it would be his loss if he did not do business. Harmeen says you always gave us a chance. Mr. Mehra says that we met a businessman who asked for an opportunity. All guests/couples come there. Purvi welcomed them. Monisha says till food is ready, we will dance. All the guest couples start dancing. RV sees Purivi. Harleen asks Monisha to call the chef and asks why the food has not arrived yet. Monisha calls Chef and asks why he is not picking the call. Harleen asked what happened. Monisha says she is not picking up calls and has not sent food either. RV gets worried and asks Monisha how she can be so irresponsible. Harleen asked what we will do now. Purvi says she will make the starter and she can serve it, until the chef brings the food. RV asks Harleen to ask him to cook. Harleen asks him to go.

Prachi comes to jewelers and mortgages her jewels for 1 lakh and Johari tells that he can’t give more. Prachi took the money and went out. Tashu comes there and asks him to give money. He calls Prachi and asks her to take 50000 rupees. Prokby refused to take the extra money and left. After the dance performance, Dadi averts the evil eye from a new couple. Mrs. Mehra says that she reminds him of her baby. She says our guests have come. Harleen tells that Beeji takes care of everyone. Mrs Mehra says all our guests have come. Harleen says just 5 more minutes, Purvi will bring the starters. Mr. Mehra asks RV what did you see in Purvi that you married her. RV says I felt that he is the one with whom I can spend my life. He says he felt incomplete without her. He says there was no peace before, but when she came, he got peace and found out what is right and wrong, and I found my purpose after meeting Purvi. Mr. and Mrs. Mehra become impressed. Monisha thinks she is talking about Purivi. Deepika comes to Monisha and says she can clearly see what is happening. Purvi goes to serve the initiates. Monisha says we will not be afraid of it.

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